[ENG SUB] [HeartfxSubs] 100424 Hello f(x) Episode 2

Episode 2 is up for download. We have it on Megaupload and Mediafire.

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[ENG SUB] [HeartfxSubs] Hello f(x) ep2

We finally finished subbing Hello f(x) Episode 2!

You can find the rest of the episodes on our YT Channel or the Stream Centre on our Forum where you’ll be able to download the episode later today.

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[INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album? AND Mass Update 100423!

I know we haven’t been updating the blog as much >< Sorry guys! Now here’s the mass update~~

This is the most important one! [INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album?

[UFO] 100421 Replies from Luna

[UFO] 100417/100418 – New Replies from Krystal & Victoria

[PICS] f(Krystal) for LG CYON <— This is a MUST SEE!

[FANTAKEN] 100422 f(Krystal) – Dream Team

[CAPS/FANTAKEN] 100422 f(x) – Gyeonam 49th Athletic Opening Ceremony

[PICS] 100423 f(Sulli) – Unknown Photoshoot <— This is also a MUST SEE!

[SELCA] f(Sulli) in Penguin Costume

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[UFO] 100420/100421 Replies from Krystal, Luna & Victoria

UFO replies from Krystal, Luna and Victoria

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[NEWS] 100422 – f(x) Comeback in May

f(x) is definitely making a comeback this May. SM Entertainment revealed that “May is the goal for f(x)’s comeback. They plan on releasing their album a little earlier than Super Junior’s.” Up until now, f(x) has gathered popularity with their unique concept and music. But the fact that their songs aren’t able to reach the level of popularity as other groups, is a problem that f(x) will have to overcome. One rep said that “as countless singers emerge, how well they’re received depends on the concept they choose for themselves.” The spotlight is already on who will be May’s big match in the music industry.

Source: sports.chosun.com
Translated by Devil Babe @ iheartf(x)

[RADIO/FANTAKEN] 100420 f(Krystal) – Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio

Krystal is seen once again hiding her hair at Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio Show. Korean netizens have said that her new hair color is a “graduation” or gradient like. We’ve all seen the pictures of Krystal’s blond tips. Let’s wait to see as more of her hair style is revealed in future appearances. I am excited as it seems like its a drastic change 8D

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[ENG SUB] Hello f(x) part 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Part 1, 2, 3 & 4 of Hello f(x) with English subs.

You will be able to download this on our forum http://www.iheartfx.com

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