Happy New Year, f(x)!

It has been a few exciting months since the debut of our best rookie group, f(x).  Vicky’s wifey Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and my wifey Krystal have all stolen (though it’s not really theft when it’s given out willingly…) our hearts. And time. And life.

I’m sure everyone remember when they first debuted. The La ChA TA teaser – was that not epic? Biases aside, everyone looked stunning and the performances that followed were impressive despite them being fresh meats rookie group.

We know (I know you know…) that SM hasn’t been exactly promoting them as much as they are doing with the other SM family BUT, 2010 will surely bring the best out of f(x) be it in China or South Korea. We know the girls have SO MUCH potential and we have yet to see half of it.

f(x) closes 2009 splendidly with Chu ~♡, the ever so addictive song. Do me, do me, Chu~ Do it, do it, Chu~, performing it in Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo with their colorful outfits (and Sulli’s Micky Mouse shirt).

My personal favourite is the shoots they did with K-Swiss. Don’t you think the photos are cute? Leader Vic in pink!

And so with this post, I and the rest of iheartfx staffs would like to wish the girls all the very best for 2010. May the new year bring many many many love for f(x). We look forward to see more of them on stage, in CFs, photoshoots, magazines, MV and last but NEVER the least, an album(!) WE LOVE YOU! Let me be cheesy, okay!

Happy New Year 2010, f(x)!

I’ll leave you with an adorable picture from their ME2DAY. No one ever looks so good in casual clothing.

*Pictures credit as tagged.

And happy new year to all of you as well! Comment more often, yeah? We love to hear from you!

Authors’ will messages:

Erlina:  Happy New Year f(x) and iheartfx! Amber, my number is 04lsjdhflksjhd *slapped by Alice*

Alice:  Happy new years everyone! can’t wait for 2010 because 2010 is the year of f(x) (album)! hehe one of my new years resolution is to love f(x) even more than i do now.. but really that’s quite impossible. i wonder what the girls’ new year resolutions are….? hm.. well  once again i wish everyone a very very happy new year and enjoy it to the max~ whether its at school, at work, or just on iheartf(x) reading the latest news on f(x). Hehe beware 2010 coz f(x) is here!

Adilah:  Happy New Year guys!  Especially to our dedicated authors and f(x) fans out here ^^ We had a lot of fun together throughout the year of 2009 right? First of all, I feel like tearing up after visualizing how hard f(x) has worked to show their outrageous talents. I hope we as the loyal supporters, will keep the spirit to boost f(x) fandom up 🙂 On the other hand, let’s pray for 2010 to be another fantastic year to all of us! Take care 😀

Issa: Happy New Year to all f(x ), f(x ) fans and iheartfx! I hope that 2010 will bring all the love from everyone to f(x ).
brb imma watch tv with luna 8D!

Vicky: *The person you are looking for is currently spazzing over Victoria. Please try again later.* Just kidding! The moment the La ChA TA teaser was uploaded to SMent channel, I was spazzing. I still spazz that video actually. I haven’t stopped spazzing over anything and everything f(x) since that day (Aug 23rd 2009)  They have been my total obsession from that moment and there’s nothing I desire more than to see more of my type of people (obsessed f(x) spazzers). I LOVE YOU F(X) ! saranghae!  omgomgomg f(x) on mbc gayo daejun in a couple of minutes, got 2 go! HAPPY NEW YEAR YALL! 2009 = f(x) 2010 = f(x) =D =D =D oh and Victoria, can I get a hug too ?!

The rest of staff:  “I see two…Luna!” “NO! It’s Sulli…but she’s…tanned…” “Err…You mean, Luna but with short hair…” “I CAN’T SEE!

    • fxamberliz
    • December 31st, 2009

    happy new year f(x)

    • minnieholic
    • December 31st, 2009

    haha..you guys are funny! i wish everyone a happy new year and may 2010 be more interesting for both f(x) and we, fans.

    • Keyjo
    • December 31st, 2009

    cant wait for f(x) full album!!!!

    • Jen.
    • January 1st, 2010

    Happy new year everyone!
    Love the blog, keep up the good work^^

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