[VIDEO] T-Store Live Session Interview – English Subbed

Didn’t you guys just love the caps from the T-Store Live Session interview? But were you like me? Struggling to understand a single word of what they were saying T_T But have no fear! Because the english subs are here! =D

The interview has been kindly translated by AdilahLol’s friend, Kim (thank you so much!)  and subbed by our very own AdilahLol! Thanks guys for the hard work!

vickysmalls says: OMG VICTORIA, WHY U SO CUTE WHEN U SPEAK IN KOREAN and your precious smile! *hugs laptop* AND LOL AT HER SAYING “SHES THINKING” WHEN SULLI WAS THINKING! Of course Victoria didn’t have any problems adapting to being in a girl group, shes ~PERFECT!~ LOL ARENT U JUST SO CUTE! AIGOO GO GO~

*cough* ok back to me =D AMBERR <333 hehe sho cute! no actually I found everyone really cute here.. and so serious too OO” Asia Pop Dance Group FTW! I too hope that f(x) stay strong and healthy and eat lots while performing and practising and such! Health is always no.1! I might just rush to Korea if I ever hear news of them having to go to ER for exhaustion.

Your favourite author, iheartfx, here: OMG, this is such a monumental moment! Our first subbed video (it is, right?) and it’s sooo good. Kudos to Kim and Adilah for doing the hard work! On to the interview, oh mah gad, my bby Krystal is so unbelievably cute, like, out of this world cute. She just keeps smiling and laughing and I couldn’t help but smiled at my laptop’s screen like an idiot. *crying tears of joy* *blows snots onto tissues* *throws tissue on blog* Sorry. I’m just…happy and when I’m happy I can get really sappy (ohhh, I rhymed) so I better stop here. Enjoy and do leave comment to thank Kim and Adilah!

Doesn’t it feel so good to be able to watch their adorable faces, listen to their beautiful voices, and finally understand what they say? hehe Put your hands together for Kim and AdilahLol please!! =)

    • vickysmalls
    • January 8th, 2010


    OMG GUIZ, I JUST REALIZED, LUNTORIA moment!!! When Vic said she didnt have any problems adapting, Luna was all like shes good at everything!!! God, Luna, calm down girl, dont make me fight u for my waifuuu

    • cleepark
    • January 9th, 2010

    thank u Adilah and Kim:x
    f(x)’s live session interview is funny.Sulli penguinie really can make the others laugh by her responses.She’s childlike (Sul is the cutest kid i’ve ever known).Luna loves talking,she’s not so silent as i thought,i juz soooooooo in love with her voice when she stresses something.

    • reilah
    • January 9th, 2010

    *–* Thank you so much!!! I will translate it in spanish if you don’t mind. Of course with all credits.

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