[DOWNLOAD] 10.01.07 Maybee’s Raise Up the Volume with Krystal

I waited so long for this and it’s finally out … Yay!!!
During the radio, Krystal said that the girls are currently taking a break. Amber is back in the U.S while Victoria is back in China. I guess the rest of girls are taking advantage of this precious free time to do what girls like most: shopping!!!

This is 2 hours session and Krystal only appeared on the 2nd half but I’m too lazy to cut, you guys just need to skip to her part then 😀


Credit: bestiz
Reuploaded by fx5ffect @ iheartfx.wordpress.com

    • alice2fx
    • January 9th, 2010

    omgomgomg i love you so much!! THANKYOU! i’m so glad the girls are taking a rest atm. hope they make it BIG comeback hehe

    • vickysmalls
    • January 9th, 2010

    lmao, ambers from cali otherwise i’d go stalking ;__;

    • cleaver487
    • January 10th, 2010

    im glad the girls get to rest
    and rest means we’ll get to see more of them after the break?yay!
    i want a full album!!!

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