ROFL OMFG, GUYS! You have to watch this 7 second clip of Victoria! It’s super hilarious and really adorable! Everything starts off normally with Vic just sipping her drink and THEN… just watch it guys LOLOL! Vic is crazy like me 8D  This just makes me want a variety show even more than before. Please get a variety show soon f(x), I just know my waifu Pororia got jokes! Click the cut for a GIF of this vid ~

dont kill me but, this is filmed at an angle thats kind of suggestive rofl. anyone else think so ? YES IM A PERV 8D

AND LOL I just realized, Vic is drinking from VI2 (or V12) bottle which almost looks like VIC² (ME + VIC COUPLING) !  dude, so close gosh darnit! Yea, it’s bit of a stretch but LOL, VIC², er I mean, V12 DRINK MAKES HER GO WILD ROFLROFL !

    • alice2fx
    • January 10th, 2010

    LOL that was heaps scary. i thought she was going to do this pretty pretty thing and out came this alien OO” omg sho cute ❤
    i want amber's bag T_T

  1. lol. I was a little shocked with that.

    • cleaver487
    • January 10th, 2010

    omg she’s so cute!lol
    and her eyes are really big..wonder where this was from
    and who took it

  2. pororia is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant wait for their variety shows!!! PLZ;SM Ent.!!!!!!!!!!

    • vicky, plz put the gif in your post!

      so cute!!! pororia!!!!

        • vickysmalls
        • January 10th, 2010

        rofl! okay =D .. thanks jeney!

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