[PICS] New Unseen Backstage Pic of Amber, Krystal and Sulli

Hm.. this looks like a backstage photo taken from the 2010 SS Seoul Fashion Collection which took place in October last year (notice Amber and Sulli’s hair) where the girls were modelling fashion designer Ha Sang-Beg’s designs.

Amber looks as charismatic as always my Amber *fangirls*, Krystal looks like she could be the next Ice Princess (literally! she looks so pale OO”)  and omg cute Sulli ❤ hehe her smile always makes my day ❤

Not sure who the male model is though.. but don’t you reckon Amber looks more masculine than him?

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    • popa
    • January 13th, 2010

    waaaa! i saw this pic at facebook! and i know who’s that guy… his name is Han Woong ^_^ gosh~ i talked to him and he said that he and f(x) are friends!!! ^_^ btw, his a Korean model!

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