This is a really cute behind the scenes video of Victoria, Krystal, Sulli and Luna. You can see the girls dancing lazily to Chocolate Love during their photoshoot for KSWISS. This has got to be the CUTEST version of Chocolate Love EVARR! Just watch Sulli and Luna LOLOL. My wifey Vic is always too smexy! Sorry, I don’t know where Amber was! Probably pimping somewhere. This was more of a skirt PARTAY anyway! Oh and also Sulli with pigtails > EVERYONE!

    • Balerion
    • January 13th, 2010

    “Oh and also Sulli with pigtails > EVERYONE!”

    No way! vickysmalls!? vickysmalls actually said someone was greater than Victoria! Who are you, and what have you done with the real vickysmalls?

      • vickysmalls
      • January 13th, 2010

      ROFL! FFFF, I meant to write Sulli with Pigtails > Everyone else with Pigtails (except Vic) WTV.

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