[AUDIO] f(x)’s Track from GoS OST2 OUT!

Looks like the the track was leaked (or maybe not?)! Not only do Luna and Krystal perform their powerful singing abilities in the song, but Amber RAPS too!! omg her rap is really jjang!!! It sounds soooo good Luna and Krystal’s voices compliment each other’s really well imo =3  /puts on repeat

THE SONG IS REALLY GOOD! So check it out!! And let’s hope a better quality version will be out on the Monday!! =D

/goes back to listening

Or download the mp3 file here!

f(x)-Spread its Wings (GoS OST

    • POS
    • January 23rd, 2010

    Thank you 🙂

    • MoNoTui
    • January 23rd, 2010

    I love it especially when Amber rap.Thank a lot for this song. >o<

    • rockferry
    • January 23rd, 2010

    Loving the song so much it’s on loop ^^ ESPECIALLY Amber’s rap and Luna’s high note towards the end 😀 Thanks so much (:

    • pissedshit
    • January 23rd, 2010

    i freaking hate it when they leave VicLi out.
    Its so bloody mean to them.

      • vickysmalls
      • January 25th, 2010

      I’m gonna have to agree with you there!
      Victoria and Sulli are part of f(x) and should always be included.

      As a Victorian (i keep track) Victoria gets shafted a lot actually. (OST’s, the Nylon magazine shoot and that one time for the runway… plus they never allow her to reach her potential in terms of styling. Oh, and that one time when she wasn’t at a performance and NO ONE bothered to explain or ask where she was.)

      I know it probably upsets Victoria a lot as she has expressed her desire for everyone to see f(x) as five girls through a UFO awhile ago. That no one should be eliminated or excluded. I can tell Victoria is an inclusive type of leader that makes sure no one feels left out (It’s just one of the traits of an Aquarius =D) so when things like this occur, it probably hurts her. ;__;

      Hopefully SM will wise up otherwise imma have to cut a bitch for my bby ❤

    • Uyen
    • January 23rd, 2010

    *laughs* And I was really frustrated yesterday. YAY!!!!

    • fx5ffect
    • January 23rd, 2010

    The whole OST was leaked anyway
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • fx5ffect
    • January 23rd, 2010

    By the way the whole OST is supposed to come out on the 25th. I just checked some of the popular Korean music sites, they still haven’t put up the songs yet so this probably is leaked!

    • WTFooL
    • January 25th, 2010

    i uberly love this song!!!<333333

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