[SCREENSAVER/PICS] f(x) for Auction

We’ve  got an awesome SCREEN SAVER for download! This is an official screen saver just released from the f(x) Auction site. Want  a longer, crisper, bigger version of this VIDEO as your screen saver? Spice up your desktop with f(x)!  And I’m telling youuuu, it’s worth it to download if you’re a TRUE fan of f(x) 8D! [DOWNLOAD HERE]

There’s also some more screen captures of f(x) from the Auction site. New pictures of the girls are uploaded daily to the site so we’ve decided to collect em and do these once a week. Every f(x) picture is ~ * priceless * ~


    • rockferry
    • January 27th, 2010

    SOOO grabbing the screensaver! (Though I rarely get to see my screensaver since I’m like always active while I’m on the computer haha!)

    • WTFooL
    • January 27th, 2010

    look at amber! *0*
    oh damn i love krys with bangs<333

  2. Super Cute!
    love the pic that amber pointed vic out, like She´s mine!^^

    • tinie
    • January 27th, 2010

    thank u so much!
    i like the new layout.iheartfx is jjang!!!
    Love f(x)!! XD.

    • IKR!
      we went through so many and i came to this decision
      i chose it 8D
      tq for your comment! ❤

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