[VIDEO] Fancam of f(x) at MIDEM

Thanks to missizsolis we can watch our girls perform in front of American and European music professionals in France for the MIDEM event! f(x) were selected to represent KPOP at this event and they performed the LA chA TA intro and LA chA TA decked out in brand new outfits.

It’s interesting that members of the audience knew the song as well as the fan chant and sang along loudly! Wow, it’s just amazing to hear that f(x) got fans in France! f(x) are going to take over the WORLD I tell ya! This is just another monumental step ~

The beginning of the first cam is worth watching as the host gives a wonderful introduction about our girls to the audience!

f(x) perform LA chA TA

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! <33333333
    i was singing along with them and even shouting when the intro clip was playing!! i felt like i was actually there! ^o^

    the stage seemed small and compact though..
    but the girls sure did a fantastic job!!! love it!!
    cant wait to watch the other perfs!!! ^o^

  1. January 27th, 2010

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