[PICS] Isn’t this Amber?!

Well, well, well… what do we have here? Another idol who seems to look a bit like our Amber?

Yes it is none other than her fellow sunbae, YooChun from DBSK! Well maybe it’s just this photo and the haircut, but TBH even I had to look twice!! Then I realised the shoulders looked too broad, the hands rather large, and so on… *mmm broad shoulders and large hands <3*

Well I’m not even going to bother to say who looks better. Because they both look just as good! (and I don’t exactly want to start a DBSK vs f(x) fan war thing…) so just take a look (or maybe twice), lol, and move on =)

/excuse to put up an Amber pic

    • Tabby
    • January 30th, 2010

    ooooh they look really alike. It’s funny how I loveeeee Amber but Mickey is my least fav of TVFXQ. 😡 No hating! Just commenting. 😀

    • jac
    • January 30th, 2010

    hay its totally Amber. Face is the same.

    • bon
    • January 30th, 2010

    theyre so cute!!! ❤

    • hi
    • January 30th, 2010

    WOW! At first I said that is Amber! ^^

    • WTFooL
    • January 30th, 2010

    whoa they look so alike!!
    i would of thot it was amber if i didnt kno XD

  1. o wow i had to look twice as well

    • oak
    • January 31st, 2010

    technically it should be amber looks like yoochun, but oh well haha. they both look good ^^

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