[PICS/TRANS] Victorias Surprise Birthday Party

Vic left a message and some pictures at the official SM f(x) website! AWWW! Look at the girls celebrating Victoria’s birthday! Here’s a translation !

Please credit translation to alice2fx@iheartfx if taking. Thankyou ^^

Hello everyone~ I’m f(x) ‘s leader, Victoria. ^^
Time passes by really quickly.. Can the time become the time in China? keke (Because time in China is 1 hour behind Korea’s time, so Victoria thinks the day will last longer like this)
Give me more time please~

Yesterday was my birthday, so I was really happy
A lot of unnies, oppas, sunbaenims and friends wished me happy birthday ^^
I actually started receiving birthday presents 3 days ago
So then I started to think “Ah… my birthday is only a few days from now”

At midnight I received a lot of phone calls and SMSes
So I was in a really good mood for the whole day~
Everyone came to my birthday party and we played together …

Also~ ~ my children (the other members of f(x)) also came~ I was so touched that I was nearly cried..
In the recording room, unnie (assistant) and the reporters were all bullying me,
Until I became really sad then they brought out the birthday cake~~
(they probably wanted it to be more of a surprise so that’s why they made me cry at first)

Ah~~~~ Really, I won’t ever forget these memories T.T
I received a lot of kindness from everyone today… I’m really touched. Thank you so much ^^
In 2010, 24 year old Victoria will become even more mature
I will work diligently
And I will become a beter Victoria~
After today, I will work as diligently as I am working now, and bear all the hardships to achieve success~
To all the fans, I love you! ^^

Last of all, This is someone who came to my birthday party but sat quietly in the corner
Our manager oppa… KC oppa
Thankyou~ I love you!

(Message in chinese)

Hello everyone~ I am f(x)’s leader Song Qian (Victoria’s Chinese name)
If it was the time in china, then it’d only be a few minutes til the end of my 23rd birthday (24th in Korean). Even though I’m not at home at the moment, I’m still very happy. I’m not in China, but I still have many friends here, unnies and oppas and fans who support f(x) wished me happy birthday, and we spent my first birthday after debut together! For those who are overseas and can read Chinese, this is one of the things I’m very touched about. Thankyou to you all~ even if you’re in China or you are overseas, you’re still supporting me and looking after me. I can actually see all of this~ But I just haven’t had time to say this: “You’re looking at me, but I can see you too. Because there’s so many people looking after me, this motivates me even further to do what I need to do~” No matter if it’s people I know or don’t know, if it’s people at the front supporting me or the people at the back quietly loving and protecting me~
Thank you~ I love you~

To see the original messages click here! -> [PICS]Offical Victoria’s Birthday Messages for Fans^^

    • vickysmalls
    • February 3rd, 2010

    alice, thanks so much for the translations!

    vic looks like shes been crying lol, they made her cry again orz. vic does look like shes on the verge of tears a lot though lol.

    omg vic sees us fans? omgomgomgomg vic sees us? why i am like freaking out atm, vic might know about me? omg if onlyyyyyy~ lol i am pathetic ;__;

    im really happy to read that shes really happy ❤

    • WTFooL
    • February 3rd, 2010

    LOL they made her cry again XD
    i bet the manager sat quietly in the corner cuz vic said she wanted her bday w/o him lol
    vic looks very preety =D
    anyway i love you too victoria<33
    she mentioned us international fans<3 T^T

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