[PICS]Offical Victoria’s Birthday Messages for Fans^^

Victoria´s Birthday Messages for Fans^^

Even i couldnt be there, but i can still feel Victoria spent a great birthday party with the members and the fans! The smile of f(x) girls are the best gift for us^^, always love and support you!

Keep on Fighting, cant wait for your new album! i have read some fan accounts that f(x) new album is coming soon!!!!!!!!!! I hope f(x) girls can get a HIT Song like “Gee” n “Sorry sorry” !!! Cant wait!!! so exited, and also about some sweet amtoria moments during the birthday party >o<. Ahhh, im so jealous of these 90 lucky fans! just wonder more details about this birthday party, more fan accounts please!!!

This is only one part i can understand without translation^^, i am so glad that i can understand Chinese, at least. Thank U for the nice messages, Vic!!!

    • wahzi
    • February 2nd, 2010

    Thanks for the pics and message from Vic unnie, especially the Chinese part. I’m also glad that I understand Chinese, since I really don’t understand a single Korean word. ^^
    f(x) Keep HWAITTING! I’ll always love u gals!!!

  1. February 2nd, 2010

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