[SELCA] Sulli with Heechul

Aww, what an adorable picture of Sulli and Heechul! They’re both rocking mickey mouse t-shirts! Sulli and Heechul are quite close. Heechul once mentioned on his cyworld that Sulli was one of the few people that was nice to him during his trainee days! They kind of look alike in this picture maybe cause of their similar hairstyles? Can you believe Heechul is almost 11 years older than Sulli?

Since Sulli put it up.. I will talk about Sulli
When I first saw that kid.. Since I’m 23.. When she was 12?
………..(-┏) Putting it like that, that’s a really big difference.. LOL LOL

At that time, it was right before I was debuting and since it was my loner days I was pretty cold to others
But there was one kiddo
My eyebrows were thin and my hair was orange.. On top of that, I went around with an expressionless face..
Especially, it would’ve been very difficult for the younger friends LOL LOL

Even all the female trainees of the company were afraid of me.. (T^T)
Aside from Sic (Jessica) no other girls talked to me
Sulli: Obba, hello! (A rather clear tone. Unable to just imagine it)
Me: ㅡㅡㆀ Yes? Yes..;; Uh.. Yeah.. (Suddenly taken aback. What’s this? This feeling)
Sulli: Heeheeheeheehee (^▽^) (Feeling the peak of happiness as if winning an election)
Me: (-┏)….(What, What’s with her;;)
Sulli is the kiddo who appeared in the Ballad of Seodong and she’s a pretty cute and bright kid.
And in the future..
This kid quickly grew up to become the ‘Sulli’ of ‘f(x)’
Sudden end
Ah because I was all of sudden sleepy LOL LOL LOL LOL
Later when Sulli and I take a picture together I will post it up LOL LOL

  1. Oh, sorry, double posts again T.T

    sulli and heechul are so cute!

      • vickysmalls
      • February 11th, 2010

      ROFL, It’s okay, I just merged it =DD

  2. troi oi ai dung canh con su vay troi trong kinh qua ah vo chong con cai dau ma lai de no dung voi thang nao the kia

    • juu
    • February 11th, 2010

    orange hair and thin eyebrow, no wonder all the younger trainees are scared of him..aww,heechul shi~~

    • flrwnx
    • February 11th, 2010

    that is so cute ><
    nice sul ! you got 1 point ! hahaha

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