[PICS] New Africa Photos~

These are generally pics from day 9 of the Africa Project, where f(x) play soccer with the village people~ hehe where f(x) were teaching the kids La chA TA and Victoria, Luna and Krystal cheering for Amber while plays as the only female (I think) with the rest of the people~

I don’t think there will be many more updates for this Africa Project since this is from the last day of the project, day 9… I hope the rest of you have enjoyed in f(x)’s participation in Kim Joong Man’s Africa Project as much as I have, as we got to see this real, refreshing and lively side of f(x) =)

f(x) jjang! f(x) jjang! f(x) jjang!

  1. yay!!!! more africa pics of f(x)!!! ^o^ i love that pic of amber playing soccer with the african boys! she looked soooo amazing!!!! ^o^ <33333

    and that pic of krystal and victoria + the ball in between them = cute!! ^^

    luna's hair = <333
    ah… i miss sulli in here.. T_T

    • flower
    • February 12th, 2010

    wow … love those pics.. and love how amber is playing football with the guys lol… f(x) jjang

  2. oi roi oi trong no da bong chac nhin buon cuoi lam day nho

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