[PICS] f(x)’s Sulli and SJ’s Siwon for Andre Kim [Fantaken]

OMG These fantaken pics are so much better than the official ones!! 8D Sulli looks breathtaking…her expression, gesture and everything…

Click read more for the rest of the pics!

    • winda
    • March 3rd, 2010

    first i saw these picture, i said ” wow, sulli is very tall”, but then i saw that she wore highheels. OMG, thanks, coz she is 15 years old….
    btw, she’s very pretty….

    • a to
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Oh wow, such lovely pictures! Beautiful beautiful Sulli~

    • WTFooL
    • March 3rd, 2010

    whoaaa sulli is so preety and elegant!!! *0*
    she look soo perfect as if she was carved out!
    the jeweleries match her well too!!

    • juu
    • March 4th, 2010

    when i was 15, i don’t remember looking anywhere close like her~~she is really stunning. you’re beautiful ssul(every f(x) members are,yes including amber)<3

    • คิมแดจิน
    • April 12th, 2010

    Sulli แม่ประคุณรุนช่องของช้านนนนนนนนนนนนนนน………………….ทำไมเธอช่างงดงามขนาดเน้ You Are Beautiful ฉันอยากจะสวยได้ครึ่งของเท้ออออออออออ……………..

    สวย งดงาม น่ารัก

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