New iheartf(x) Youtube Channel!

Hi guys! As some of you might have noticed, our heartfx Youtube account was suspended earlier today. But have no fear! We already have a new Youtube account up: heartfx2 =D (so original don’t you think xD)

From now on we’ll be uploading to this Youtube account and we’ll also be progressively uploading most of the videos from our previous Youtube account to this account also. So please support iheartf(x) and remember to visit our channel lots for video updates! Cheers =D

Click here! –> heartfx2 Youtube channel

  1. why does youtube keep on suspending accounts? aigoo… anyway, thanks for making a 2nd account!!! ^o^

    • rockferry
    • March 21st, 2010

    got it! Subscribing for sure 😀

  2. ba6QZi wvwvgxgohtsl, [url=]efzzdwaibvkf[/url], [link=]vleljxclgjxn[/link],

  3. subscribing =)
    don’t you think you should make several accs?
    like one for fancams and one for tv channels…
    cause then YT suspends the tv shows, and i luurrrve the fancams ^^
    just a suggestion, no offense in any way =)

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