[PICS] New Fanpics of f(x) at the Airport!

Thai fans jjang!!! So many fanpics for us international fans who can’t see f(x) >< I am LOVING these super HQ pics! I spot sooo much KryBer! And I'm so happy to see so many f(x) fans in Thailand =) Asia's Pop Dance Group JJANG!

Thanks to benzz @ fx-fanclub for sharing these!

  1. i wonder what’s the reason why they were all laughing.. or maybe it was “who”… XDD lovely girls!! can’t wait for their comeback!!!

      • reyn
      • March 20th, 2010

      On some F(x) fancams at airport, u can find that they were laughing because there was a fan brought a KryBer sign ( that’s why Krystal and Amber were hugging after that)..

      That’s as far as I know,, 🙂

    • jaekyu
    • March 20th, 2010

    amber looks really girly in those pic ^^
    her clothes is more girly than other of her clothes~

    • winda
    • March 21st, 2010

    For REYN, do you have the link for that fancam? I wanna see that…
    Thank you very much…. ^_^

    BTW, all our beloved girls, look so cute and happy when they’re together…. I hope 5 of them will be in some reality sho now… Idol army may be? but not just Sulli, but all of them…

      • reyn
      • March 21st, 2010

      I’m so sorry, I watch a lotta f(x) fancams @ pattaya, so I can’t remeber which one contains that sign,, T_T

      But I have a video that contain another KryBer sign too:

      at 0:35 there was a black sign and, yeah it was KryBer.. 🙂

    • iheartamber
    • March 21st, 2010

    woah KryBer is so REAL *spazz*
    hopefully there’ll b tons of kryber moments ahead!!

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