[NEWS/INFO] Sulli to have a Surprise Birthday Party!

As we all know, our cute Sulli will be having her 16th birthday (17th in Korean age) on the 29th of March, which is in 2 days!!! And like for Victoria’s birthday last month, SM will be holding a surprise birthday party for Sulli tomorrow!

Who: f(x) and 90 lucky Korean fans (therefore not including me ><)
What: Sulli’s Surprise Birthday Party
When: 10PM, 28th March 2010
Where: SM Headquarters (Apgujeong, Seoul)

I wish I could go!! ;___; But I’m not in Korean, nor do I have the Korean Social Security number.. but hey at least I have the album =D But that’s still not enough T___T Well Happy Early Birthday to Sulli! And hope the girls aren’t too mean to Sulli for her birthday =P

  1. i wonder what they will do for sulli… coz vic has been tricked twice. dunno what the others did to each other on their bdays… oh right! amber had a very sweet bday with that cute cake and fellow singers-friends celebrating with her… but for sure it’ll be a cute bday party! advance happy bday sulli!!!

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