[DOWNLOAD] f(x) in Thailand Pics Collection

Some of you have requested for us to zip all the pictures of the girls in Thailand, and so…here it is! 😀 We’ve got 1600+ pics in the file, both official pictures and fanpics. All the pictures that we have posted in the blog plus some more pictures we’ve collected are in there.

Just to remind you guys, here’s what’s included in the zip file:
10.03.18 – Channel V
10.03.18 – f(x) in Thailand Suvannaphumi Airport
10.03.19 – f(x) @ Pattaya  International Music Festival 2010
10.03.19 – f(x) in Thailand Hard Rock Hotel
10.03.19 – f(x) in Thailand PIMF Concert
10.03.19 – f(x) in Thaliand Press Conference at Pattaya
10.03.19 – f(x) Press Conference-Hard Rock
10.03.20 – f(x) in Thaliand NongNuch Garden
10.03.20 – f(x) Let’s Moving On with Zhang Liyin & Chu with f(x) Fanmeeting

Thanks a lot to the amazing Thai fans! Credit as tagged

Enjoy! Click more for more samples 🙂


  1. OMG!!! THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK U THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! *hugs all* you guys are sooo amazing and so generous and thoughtful!! really thank you all!!!!! <3333333333
    *starts dl-ing* ^^v

  2. Thank you sooo much!! =D
    You should do more of these ^^

    I think MU is experiencing traffic, cause I can’t view the file..

    Will dome back to download later =)

  3. thank you very muchh..

  4. Downloaded! And the pictures are jjang! =D

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