[PIC/TRANS] Luna Buys Eunhyuk a Birthday Cake

Today is Super Junior Eunhyuk’s birthday and our sweet Luna came to celebrate with her oppas! Shindong posted on his twitter account about Luna buying cake for Eunhyuk. She also wrote him a (kinda rushed) card and Shindong put up a pic of it for everyone to see! ❤

Translation: Eunhyuk oppa, Happy Birthday, from: Luna

Translation: Oh by the way!!! Luna went and bought cake!! As expected, kind Luna!! Thank you so much! You also wrote a card~~^^ But it seems rushed Luna ya….The card….keke Eunhyuk says thanks^^ Cute Luna!! kekekekekekekeke Why are you always smiling kekeke

  1. awww… what a sweet hoobae to her sunbae… ❤
    and that's ok if it was a rushed card. it's the thought that counts! ^o^ i guess luna's close with eunhyuk and shindong as well. ^^v cute!!!

    • heart2ne1
    • April 4th, 2010

    Luna is so sweet ^O^.

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