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[INFO] Krystal to host on Sukira

Wooo~ Way to go my gorgeous maknae 😀 It seems like we gotta stalk our pretty gurl this Wednesday! If you’re wondering why, Krystal will be replacing Lee Teuk as he’s currently having some back problems :O Aww, Get well soon Teukie Teukie! ~
So, don’t forget to tune in later! 8D Let’s hear some cheers for DJ Krystal ❤

Oh yea, and i'm pretty much delighted to say that various SM artists will be taking over the week!
Wait no more, now get yourself prepared for this splendid excitement!!!! You better RUNNNN~ *sits back and waits* lol

[PICS] f(x) @ 22nd Korea PD Awards Event [UPDATED!]

“Hmm, I wonder what’s new today…” KYAAAAH! Wait no more, here I present to you some new pictures of our girls from The 22nd Korea PD Awards Event! LOL, Sulli’s sparkling smile has never fail to capture my attention ❤ Check out the cut for more! I know you want to 8D

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[PICS] New KSWISS Pictures!

While drawing our anticipations to see the girls on screen again, let’s take a look on another two newly released pictures of the girls! =D Man, i really want to grab a piece of those bags so much T^T Don’t they look awesome endorsing KSWISS?

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[PICS] 100113 Krystal @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Show

While we’re awaiting for the broadcast, let’s take a look at some new pictures of Krystal during the show. Wowowowow, our maknae’s smile is so irresistible ❤ Her dazzling eye smiles can make me faint LOL, I’m certainly looking forward for the final result of the show! =D

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[VIDEO] ENG SUBS – Krystal & Sulli MC Cut @ MTV The M

Brought to you by iheartfx! Watch our lovable JungLi bear the cold with MBLAQ’s Charismatic Leader, Seungho as they MC mpressively for MTV The M!

Aww, It totally melts me to witness how determined JungLi were able to run the show capably~ On top of everything, I just can’t get enough of the f(Blaq) interactions all over again =D *runs*

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[VIDEO] ENG SUBS – 100118 f(x) KBS Interview

Iheartfx proudly presents another subbed interview of f(x)  for your viewing pleasure!
It’s a totally must-watch interview! I like how we can finally catch a glimpse  of their personalities  through shows like this! Therefore, I know that everyone agrees with me when I say that our lovely girls deserve to appear in some variety shows in the future!

[PICS] New Unseen Pre-Debut Sulli Pic!

“MAMAMIIAA!! what a cutie she is! i wonder who’s that child?!” Duh~ None other than our charming Sulli =) Good thing she’s been receiving a lot of attentions from people these days! =) (Including My Younghwa!!!! T___T) lol~