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[SELCA] Sulli with Heechul

Aww, what an adorable picture of Sulli and Heechul! They’re both rocking mickey mouse t-shirts! Sulli and Heechul are quite close. Heechul once mentioned on his cyworld that Sulli was one of the few people that was nice to him during his trainee days! They kind of look alike in this picture maybe cause of their similar hairstyles? Can you believe Heechul is almost 11 years older than Sulli?

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[Caps+Fancam]f(x) Greeting Fans [HQ]@2010.02.05 in Qing Dao,China (Updated)

Finally i got a HQ Version! so I made some Caps (size 1280×720) of this Video, hope u like it ^^
By the way,i like Vic´s voice when she speak in Chinese, and i saw the Jungli fixing hair moment ,keke…

Translation for this Part by alice2fx ^^
“Hello everyone (Annyeonghaseyo) everyone~ We’re f(x)!
Self introductions – note. Sulli says the Chinese pronunciation for her name 雪莉 (xue li)
Luna says Da Jia Hao at the end which is just annyeonghaseyo
Victoria says they’re really excited to be in Qing Dao, wishes everyone a happy new year, good health, happiness etc. and saying they’ll be performing “Lollipop” next and thankyou~”.

fx amber Focus first lollipop live HQ Ver.Fancam@100205 in China (4:3)

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[PICS+Fancam]fx Victoria greeted Fans in Chinese@100205 Live Performance in Qing Dao(Updated)

I find some new pics of the live show, and sorry for the bad qualityT.T

And also a HQ? = = Version of greeting fans part, Victoria spoke in Chinese^^

New Fancam of this Lollipop show (Amber Focus Version)LQ T.T
But you can see clearly the amtoria moment at the beginning and also that sweet ending pose ^0^ Tian Tian de Lollipop!

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[PICS]Chinese Fans show their Love and Support to Victoria^^

f(x) is definitely a International Asia pop dance group for real !!! The girls have just debuted since september last year, and they have already got huge fan support all over the world!

And leader Vicky has already her fanclubs even during her predebut time in China, so this time the fans from her hometown also showed the big support and love for Victoria´Birthday!!! So nice and Heartwarming!!!

By the way, Vicky had already received those great Birthday gifts from Chinese fans in that Birthday Party for sure ^^

cr. as tagged
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[VID]Unseen News about f(x) @ 100129 as Ambassadors for the Korean Armed Forces

Unseen News Video of f(x) as Ambassadors for the Korean Armed Forces. This event took place on 2010.01.29!
Keep up the great work f(x) girls! and can´t wait for your new album ^o^!!!
By the way, the amtoria talking part is my favorite,keke…sweet(>w<)

[PICS]Amber @ 100130 ‘White Concert’ (New)

New Pics of Amber were updated!!! sometimes Amber really reminds me alot of Yoochun Park * o * HOT! HOT! Even it seemed so cold outside!

f(x) members shared the outfits again, Amber wore the same down vest as Vic in KJE´s chocolate show^^

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[GIFS]First TV Show of f(x)@ KJE ´ Chocolate on SBS

28 Gifs Collection for the first TV show of f(x) girls ^^, and they all did great job!

Vic showed the flexibility of her body and proved her talent as a professional dancer! wow!
What a amazing acrobatic skill gymnastic performance ^^

This great beginning means a better future, i hope f(x) can appear in some variety TV Shows soon, and Most importantly, SM Ent. is willing to give a HIT Song with a great concept for f(x) girls !!! never chu plz

f(x), Hwaiting! I can’t wait for your comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more TV shows ^o^ Love and support U!

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