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[PICS] Krystal in school uniform

Krystal has been wishing that she will be able to wear school uniform. Her wish finally come true since we’ve already seen videos and photos of her wearing uniform. Add these new photos too : ) I’m not really sure if these pictures are for Alex’s Sweet Dream Melody Project since the school uniform that she’s wearing is different from the one in the music video. Or probably from a graduation ceremony. We’ll know in the future : )

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[PIC] Sulli in swim wear

waaahhh! Somebody tell me this is Sulli.  LOL. But I’m pretty sure it is her. OMG OMG. We finally got to see this 15 year old pretty lady in swim wear. I guess this is taken from Thailand. Probably from the hotel. All I can say is wow. : D

btw, don’t forget to celebrate on March 29 because it’s her 16th birthday. Korean age is 17 years old. Let’s be thankful that we have this gorgeous, talented, cheerful and …. sexy f(x) member.

Credit: AMtal~♥ @ fx-fanclub +

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[PIC/NEWS/VID] Krystal is the new record holder

In the recent episode of Dream Team, Krystal showed her athletic skills by breaking the record in the high jump competition. According to Newsen it’s 180cm but according to Star Mt, it’s 185cm. But based on the actual show, it’s 180 cm. She’s the record holder beating the 160cm of Kim Hee-sun and Lee Na-young and 140cm of her sister, SNSD Jessica.

She also managed to have the number one spot in Naver.

Krystal made me wow with her high jump. Kudos to SHINee Minho too. It’s really awesome to see them do high jump together and managed to have a very good jump.

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[PIC] f(x) with Christian Bautista

Universal Records Philippines posted in their Facebook account the picture of Asia’s Pop Dance Group, f(x) with Christian Bautista, a famous balladeer in the Philippines from the backstage of the 2010 Pattaya International Music Festival. Universal Records Philippines is actually the record label who released the album of f(x)’s Chu Album in the Philippines. : ) Sulli rocks with the hat. Loving Krystal’s hair with braids. Victoria and Luna is definitely pretty as always. Of course, there’s handsome Amber.  Continue to support f(x) in their overseas activities and let’s wait for their Korean comeback : )

[NEWS] f(x) to perform at Pattaya International Music Festival 2010

f(x) will be performing at the Pattaya International Music Festival 2010. This international music festival will be held in Pattaya, Thailand. Aside from f(x), non-Thai performers such as After School (Korea), Wheesung (Korea), Leprozy (Laos), Christian Bautista (Philippines), Tom + J (Malaysia) and their fellow SM artist, Zhang Li Yin / Jang Ri In (China) will be there too.

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[CAPS] 100207 Sulli – ‘Crash’ Performance in Inkigayo

I really love Sulli’s outfit and hairstyle plus the cute boots.  >^,^< The performance was cuteness overload.  Sulli was smiling the whole time which really gives a very bright mood to the performance.

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[CAPS] 100207 Sulli as MC in SBS Inkigayo

Sulli is really so gorgeous with her pretty outfit and lovely hairstyle for today’s Inkigayo.  This will be the biggest reason why f(x) fans should tune in to Inkigayo every Sunday. So jealous of 2PM members Taekyeon and Wooyoung who will be with Sulli for the whole show every week!

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