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[AUDIO/DL] Luna Sings for Cinderella’s Sister!

Here’s a sneak preview of perhaps finally a solo for our dear Luna singing for KBS2’s new drama, Cinderella’s Sister! It’s only half a minute long, but in these 36 secs you’ll be blown away by Luna’s strong, powerful yet soothing vocals =D Have a listen now! I can’t wait for the full song to be released~

Download: 4shared

And don’t forget to check out our blog tomorrow for our surprise! Hope you’ll all like it ^^

[AUDIO] f(x) sings “I Love You, I Love You”

I love you too f(x)! We all love you! It is the theme song for MBC’s 100% Charming the More I Look sitcom. I love everything about this song from their voices to the piano in the background. It gives me a happy feeling after listening to this.

Thanks to MrTadamusic for sharing!

[AUDIO] Ringtones for f(x)’s Thrill Love OST Theme Song!

I’m absolutely loving this upbeat, cute but not too cheesy song! I’ve made a couple of cuts for each of the choruses coz they all sound a bit different, and if I missed an awesome part of the song please tell me and I’ll cut it out for you asap ^^ Enjoy guys~

Please fully credit to alice2fx@iheartfx if taking!

Thrill Love – Chorus 1 (24s)

Thrill Love – Chorus 2 (15s)

Thrill Love – Amber’s Rap (15s)

Thrill Love – Chorus 2 & Amber’s Rap (31s)

Thrill Love – Chorus 3&4 (31s)

[AUDIO] f(x) sings Thrill Love

OMG!!! I loveee the song and I am absolutely thrilled they have a new song. The new song is for an upcoming drama called Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet. It is nice to hear their voices again. It has been sooo long.

[VID]Happy Birthday song only for Goddess Victoria^^

Happy Birthday song only for our Goddess Victoria ^^
Another Heartwarming Gift from f(x) fans in Korea, Great Job! Happy Birthday, Victoria ! f(x), Hwaiting!

[AUDIO] f(x) and SHINee’s Where is the Love and Beauty & the Beast

Luna and Onew’s duet for Beauty and the Beast was just so amazing! Luna never fails to impress us fans =D While I was watching the videos I thought to myself “OMO I HAVE to rip these!!”. And I don’t even need to explain why I ripped Where is the Love do I? Amber (and Key’s) rap ❤ and our dorky Pororia on the side doing the cutest(/dorkiest) poses ever!! (well I guess you can’t actually see her doing this when listening to these but meh) hehe Download the files below so you can listen to these 2 song on your player =D (Terms & Conditions Apply: Must listen to these 2 songs on repeat.)

Please credit to alice2fx@iheartfx if taking.

Luna&Onew – Beauty and the Beast (KJE’s Chocolate)

f(x)&SHINee – Where is the Love (KJE’s Chocolate)

[AUDIO] Collection of Krystal’s Aegyo



So cute. I don’t even know what she’s saying. For all I know she could be reading a thick medical textbook or cooking recipe (with a slip of “Oppa” here and there) and I’d still melt.

Translation of the Audio (Thanks to Minnie)  : Oppa~ I wish the sheeps would walk over the bridge a little slower. They’re too fast, it’s making me dizzy. Oppa ! Soojung wants to drink tomato juice. Ah oppa ! Soojung wants to drink tomato juice and eat muffins. Ahh~ really? So does that mean you’re embarrassed of me? psh, I’m mad ! Then oppa~ Tell me “I love you.” nooo like “I love youu~”

While you listen to this, picture her pouting…

Warning: This audio may cause heart palpitation, hyperventilation and fatal overdose of cuteness.