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[INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album? AND Mass Update 100423!

I know we haven’t been updating the blog as much >< Sorry guys! Now here’s the mass update~~

This is the most important one! [INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album?

[UFO] 100421 Replies from Luna

[UFO] 100417/100418 – New Replies from Krystal & Victoria

[PICS] f(Krystal) for LG CYON <— This is a MUST SEE!

[FANTAKEN] 100422 f(Krystal) – Dream Team

[CAPS/FANTAKEN] 100422 f(x) – Gyeonam 49th Athletic Opening Ceremony

[PICS] 100423 f(Sulli) – Unknown Photoshoot <— This is also a MUST SEE!

[SELCA] f(Sulli) in Penguin Costume

More can be found on the forum where everything is archived!

So what are you waiting for? Join us TODAY! At!


It’s coming soon!

NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION with these beautiful gifs 😀

I’m pleased to announce that the surprise will be revealed some time on Friday, 9th April KST (Korean Standard Time).

So please, keep checking the blog. You want to be among the first ones to see, don’t you?

Thank you for  all your support and please take care of us *bows*

It’s pretty

So like…I’m supposed to give some spoiler but one of our staff made these pretty things instead…

But I’ll say, I think the surprise is quite pretty too.

What do you think about the logo? It’s an infinity symbol around a heart.

It’s big and it’s awesome!

Are we all counting down till f(x)’s comeback? If not, start now! Because we are (Erlina’s so excited I think she’s finishing her whole bottle of soju now…) 🙂

You didn’t think iheartfx would do nothing special for the comeback, did you? Did ya, did ya?

We’ve prepared…something. It’s big and it’s awesome! You’ll like it, I hope. The girls will love it, I’m sure.

So look forward to it!

I’ll be posting more  until it’s revealed, so keep an eye out!

[DOWNLOAD] f(x) in Thailand Pics Collection

Some of you have requested for us to zip all the pictures of the girls in Thailand, and so…here it is! 😀 We’ve got 1600+ pics in the file, both official pictures and fanpics. All the pictures that we have posted in the blog plus some more pictures we’ve collected are in there.

Just to remind you guys, here’s what’s included in the zip file:
10.03.18 – Channel V
10.03.18 – f(x) in Thailand Suvannaphumi Airport
10.03.19 – f(x) @ Pattaya  International Music Festival 2010
10.03.19 – f(x) in Thailand Hard Rock Hotel
10.03.19 – f(x) in Thailand PIMF Concert
10.03.19 – f(x) in Thaliand Press Conference at Pattaya
10.03.19 – f(x) Press Conference-Hard Rock
10.03.20 – f(x) in Thaliand NongNuch Garden
10.03.20 – f(x) Let’s Moving On with Zhang Liyin & Chu with f(x) Fanmeeting

Thanks a lot to the amazing Thai fans! Credit as tagged

Enjoy! Click more for more samples 🙂


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Happy 16th Birthday Sulli!

First of all,

It’s your 16th (17th in Korea) birthday and we as iheartf(x) would like to wish you a happy happy birthday! May your beautiful smile never leave you and that you’ll never be mistaken as the maknae again!

Here’s a little present that we’d like to present to you drawn by our lovely cerlina! We hope you have an awesome year ahead of you and f(x) and we’ll be patiently waiting for your comeback!

Sulli hwaiting! f(x) hwaiting!

By: cerlina@iheartfx.wordpress
Please do not hotlink! And take out with full credits!

New iheartf(x) Youtube Channel!

Hi guys! As some of you might have noticed, our heartfx Youtube account was suspended earlier today. But have no fear! We already have a new Youtube account up: heartfx2 =D (so original don’t you think xD)

From now on we’ll be uploading to this Youtube account and we’ll also be progressively uploading most of the videos from our previous Youtube account to this account also. So please support iheartf(x) and remember to visit our channel lots for video updates! Cheers =D

Click here! –> heartfx2 Youtube channel