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[INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album? AND Mass Update 100423!

I know we haven’t been updating the blog as much >< Sorry guys! Now here’s the mass update~~

This is the most important one! [INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album?

[UFO] 100421 Replies from Luna

[UFO] 100417/100418 – New Replies from Krystal & Victoria

[PICS] f(Krystal) for LG CYON <— This is a MUST SEE!

[FANTAKEN] 100422 f(Krystal) – Dream Team

[CAPS/FANTAKEN] 100422 f(x) – Gyeonam 49th Athletic Opening Ceremony

[PICS] 100423 f(Sulli) – Unknown Photoshoot <— This is also a MUST SEE!

[SELCA] f(Sulli) in Penguin Costume

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[NEWS] 100422 – f(x) Comeback in May

f(x) is definitely making a comeback this May. SM Entertainment revealed that “May is the goal for f(x)’s comeback. They plan on releasing their album a little earlier than Super Junior’s.” Up until now, f(x) has gathered popularity with their unique concept and music. But the fact that their songs aren’t able to reach the level of popularity as other groups, is a problem that f(x) will have to overcome. One rep said that “as countless singers emerge, how well they’re received depends on the concept they choose for themselves.” The spotlight is already on who will be May’s big match in the music industry.

Translated by Devil Babe @ iheartf(x)

[INFO] Krystal to host on Sukira

Wooo~ Way to go my gorgeous maknae 😀 It seems like we gotta stalk our pretty gurl this Wednesday! If you’re wondering why, Krystal will be replacing Lee Teuk as he’s currently having some back problems :O Aww, Get well soon Teukie Teukie! ~
So, don’t forget to tune in later! 8D Let’s hear some cheers for DJ Krystal ❤

Oh yea, and i'm pretty much delighted to say that various SM artists will be taking over the week!
Wait no more, now get yourself prepared for this splendid excitement!!!! You better RUNNNN~ *sits back and waits* lol

[NEWS] f(x) to make an April Comeback!

According to SportsDongAh, an official news source in Korea, SM Entertainment new girl group f(x) is said to make their comeback in mid April, which is in a couple of weeks people! I am incredibly excited to see what f(x) has in store for 2010! Fans speculate that f(x) might come back with a sexy concept like Kara, SNSD and the other crop of current girl groups. The speculation is not unfounded as Amber has been seen prancing around in heels lately.

f(x) will expect to compete against new debut four-member girl group SISTAR who will be making make their first appearance in mid April. SISTAR’s agency Starship Entertainment stated, “SISTAR is a girl group who has skill and style with their eccentric music, choreography and fashion. They will create a new culture code as they will be a style icon to the age range of 10-20.”

Currently f(x) are diligently working on their new album while making their first variety show appearances. An official announcement from SM Entertainment of f(x)’s comeback is to be expected if this source is correct. As for now, make sure to tune into “Hello f(x)” on Y-Star to watch f(x) as they prepare for their come back!

[NEWS] First Episode of Hello f(x) Cancelled?!

Is this an April Fools’ prank?! The schedule for the broadcast of the first episode of f(x)’s variety show, Hello f(x), has just been crossed out on the Daum fan cafe’s schedule! I really hope this isn’t true and is only an April Fools joke T_T But then again it might have been cancelled for the mourning victims and families of the naval ship tragedy. So I guess we won’t really know until Saturday ><

[NEWS/PICS] Fans wish Sulli a Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is our cute (not maknae) Sulli’s 17th birthday, and to celebrate this happy, happy day, fans in Korea have made a newspaper advertisement which will be published tomorrow on the Hankyoreh newspaper! We’d also like to wish Sulli a very happy 16th (17th in Korea) birthday and hope she has fun in her surprise birthday party later today!

[NEWS/INFO] Sulli to have a Surprise Birthday Party!

As we all know, our cute Sulli will be having her 16th birthday (17th in Korean age) on the 29th of March, which is in 2 days!!! And like for Victoria’s birthday last month, SM will be holding a surprise birthday party for Sulli tomorrow!

Who: f(x) and 90 lucky Korean fans (therefore not including me ><)
What: Sulli’s Surprise Birthday Party
When: 10PM, 28th March 2010
Where: SM Headquarters (Apgujeong, Seoul)

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