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[POLL] Sulli VS CL – Who looks better with pigtails?

Another poll involving our Sulli! Wow people really like comparing Sulli to other idols..So who do you think looks better with pigtails? Sulli or 2NE1’s leader, CL? Or how about Victoria and Luna in the photoshoot for Girl Scout?

Remember to keep voting for our Sulli! The poll ends on the 15th =)

[Poll] Sulli VS Hyunah – Who has better style?

Hey guys! Our vickysmalls just came across this poll asking us fans: between our own Sulli’s and 4minute’s Hyunah – who has better style? (Well technically the title just says Good Style so I’ll just assume that they’re asking who has better style -.-)

What do you think? Do you think our cutest Sulli has better style? Or does the dancing queen of 4minute win?

Vote now! (hehe hopefully for Sulli since you should be an f(x) fan if you visit here!!! >=D )

I believe you can vote once every 10 minutes.. though I’m not so sure so just click click click!

[POLL] Vote for f(x) as 2009’s Best New Girl Group!

Please vote for our girls on this poll for 2009’s best new girl group!

NB: Please make sure you are voting for the correct candidate as the site tends to jumble up the list with each refresh!

To vote:

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