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[INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album? AND Mass Update 100423!

I know we haven’t been updating the blog as much >< Sorry guys! Now here’s the mass update~~

This is the most important one! [INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album?

[UFO] 100421 Replies from Luna

[UFO] 100417/100418 – New Replies from Krystal & Victoria

[PICS] f(Krystal) for LG CYON <— This is a MUST SEE!

[FANTAKEN] 100422 f(Krystal) – Dream Team

[CAPS/FANTAKEN] 100422 f(x) – Gyeonam 49th Athletic Opening Ceremony

[PICS] 100423 f(Sulli) – Unknown Photoshoot <— This is also a MUST SEE!

[SELCA] f(Sulli) in Penguin Costume

More can be found on the forum where everything is archived!

So what are you waiting for? Join us TODAY! At!

[UFO] 100420/100421 Replies from Krystal, Luna & Victoria

UFO replies from Krystal, Luna and Victoria

Register on the forum to see 🙂
All media we’ve posted can be found there to be downloaded, including the first episode of English subbed Hello f(x).

Mass Update

Hi, we’d like to apologise for not updating the blog lately. So here are some the latest things on f(x). All of these are on the forum.

  1. [VARIETY] 100419 f(Victoria) – Star King Recording about 13 hours ago
  2. [UFO] 100417 Replies from Krystal + Victoria

  3. [INFO] 100418 Krystal to guest on Sukira

  4. [VIDEO][PRE-DEBUT] Victoria Practicing her Moves

  5. HQ Pictures of Victoria Pitching are finally here 😀

  6. [UFOC] 100417 Reply from Victoria

  7. [VIDS/DL] 100418 f(Victoria) – Doosan Bears Baseball

[PIC/TRANS] Luna Buys Eunhyuk a Birthday Cake

Today is Super Junior Eunhyuk’s birthday and our sweet Luna came to celebrate with her oppas! Shindong posted on his twitter account about Luna buying cake for Eunhyuk. She also wrote him a (kinda rushed) card and Shindong put up a pic of it for everyone to see! ❤

Translation: Eunhyuk oppa, Happy Birthday, from: Luna

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[PICS/TRANS] Victorias Surprise Birthday Party

Vic left a message and some pictures at the official SM f(x) website! AWWW! Look at the girls celebrating Victoria’s birthday! Here’s a translation !

Please credit translation to alice2fx@iheartfx if taking. Thankyou ^^

Hello everyone~ I’m f(x) ‘s leader, Victoria. ^^
Time passes by really quickly.. Can the time become the time in China? keke (Because time in China is 1 hour behind Korea’s time, so Victoria thinks the day will last longer like this)
Give me more time please~

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[ENG SUB] f(x) Africa Project Day 7 & 8

iheartf(x) proudly presents f(x) Africa Project Day 7 & 8 Subbed!

Well, here’s f(x) arriving in Africa. Witness Sulli’s cuteness on the van. Sulli, I don’t think the PD-nim will let you near any monkeys, let alone a hippopotamus. You should all worry about dying from overheating instead, what with all those layers of clothing the girls were wearing.

I think the photographer chose a good concept for Leader Vic – natural beauty. She looked especially beautiful  with minimal make up and in those tribal outfit.

Good to see the girls were having fun. Reminded me that they’re still kids, especially when they were doing that voice thing on bumpy road. Aaarrarrrrraaaa….bounce on your seat and try it. Preferably when no one’s around.

On a more serious note, it’s quite fascinating towards the end of the video, where the video slowly shows pictures of Africans (and Africa). The juxtaposition of the almost glamourised, professionally done photoshoot and the raw, harsh portrayal of Africa. If you want a short essay on this, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Did you see Luna shyly confesses her love for Krys admit that Krystal takes the best shot?

The group shots are especially great. They look like paintings. Really good paintings.

Cutest thing: Leader Vic describing her experience there. That smile rivals Sulli’s.

Hottest thing: One split second shot of Krystal’s abs.

Funniest thing: Amber wearing a giant bowl on her head. Okay, maybe not exactly a bowl. But it’s big, okay?

Anyway, just watch the video and enjoy!

[UFO TRANS] 10.01.21, 10.01.22 Krystal &Amber UFO Replies

Krystal still hasn’t gone to watch Jessica’s musical yet?!?! Prob too busy preparing for France =( But I hope Jessica gave her a ticket!! Hehe and my Amber is angel ❤