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[INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album? AND Mass Update 100423!

I know we haven’t been updating the blog as much >< Sorry guys! Now here’s the mass update~~

This is the most important one! [INFO] f(x)’s 3 New Tracks for Upcoming Album?

[UFO] 100421 Replies from Luna

[UFO] 100417/100418 – New Replies from Krystal & Victoria

[PICS] f(Krystal) for LG CYON <— This is a MUST SEE!

[FANTAKEN] 100422 f(Krystal) – Dream Team

[CAPS/FANTAKEN] 100422 f(x) – Gyeonam 49th Athletic Opening Ceremony

[PICS] 100423 f(Sulli) – Unknown Photoshoot <— This is also a MUST SEE!

[SELCA] f(Sulli) in Penguin Costume

More can be found on the forum where everything is archived!

So what are you waiting for? Join us TODAY! At!


[UFO TRANS] 10.01.21, 10.01.22 Krystal &Amber UFO Replies

Krystal still hasn’t gone to watch Jessica’s musical yet?!?! Prob too busy preparing for France =( But I hope Jessica gave her a ticket!! Hehe and my Amber is angel ❤

[UFO TRANS] 10.01.04 & 10.01.08 Replies from Amber

(I think it’d make more sense if you read it from bottom to top =D)

[UFO TRANS] 10.01.08 UFO Replies from Amber

Click the image for the full version :

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[UFO TRANS] 10.01.04 Replies from Luna

Please click the image for full version :

[UFO TRANS] 10.01.04 Replies from Amber

New replies from Amber~ (again they replied in the early morning! >=( )

Amber, please say “I love alice” just once! TT TT TT

[UFO TRANS] Last Chu~ ♡ Performance?!

Through a UFO reply in the early morning of 10.01.04 (seriously, do the girls ever sleep?!), Luna has annouced the last Chu~ ♡ performance to be the Inkigayo performance on the 3rd of January! (which was YESTERDAY!!!! D= )

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