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[DOWNLOAD] 100310 MBLAQ’S Idol Army Ep13 with Sulli

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[DOWNLOAD] f(x) for K-Swiss Love Individual Videos!

Who else just squealed at all those tricks that our girls could do in those solo videos from K-Swiss, filmed during a photoshoot? I was like OO” at Amber’s and Victoria’s tricks!! Seriously! How can Amber aim that well… And Krystal has magical powers OO” LMAO Sulli and Luna are just cute as!! WHY AREN’T THESE GIRLS ON VARIETY SHOWS YET?! Well there’s Star King… but it’s been too long T___T

So anyways, who wants to download the original videos? Put your hands up! Coz here they are! Enjoy!! =)

Please fully credit to iheartfx@wordpress if taking!

f(x) for K-Swiss Individual Videos

[DOWNLOAD] 100207 Inkigayo Sulli Special Stage + MC cuts

OMG!!!! I watched this live and I just couldn’t stop myself spazzing over our cute Sulii. Like seriously can she be anymore cuter? Sulli is just glowing up there, her smile warm up the stage and the 2 other male MCs are just drooling at her man … I swear. Inki made a good decision when they chose Sulli as the new female MC
By the way, congratulation to 2AM for their 1st Mutizen … they truly deserve it!!!!!

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[DOWNLOAD] 100131 Chocolate Kim Jung Eun – f(x) & SHINee cut

This is a full cut but I cut it down into small perfs for easier downloading since the whole thing is more than 1gb *-*
This show is awesome and a must watch, I bet everyone knows it by now

By the way, these files are exclusive for iheartfx only. No one can take it out but you can leave the link directs to our blog this entry

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[DOWNLOAD/VIDEO] 100131 KCC Basketball Star Game – La ChA TA + Chu~♡

To protect the right of the original source & iheartfx’s files, I’m no longer put up tp/ts files from now on. Not of lot of you download tp/ts files anyway so I bet it won’t be a problem to anyone

Sullli looks amazing with her new hair. I LOVE IT!

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[SCREENSAVER/PICS] f(x) for Auction

We’ve  got an awesome SCREEN SAVER for download! This is an official screen saver just released from the f(x) Auction site. Want  a longer, crisper, bigger version of this VIDEO as your screen saver? Spice up your desktop with f(x)!  And I’m telling youuuu, it’s worth it to download if you’re a TRUE fan of f(x) 8D! [DOWNLOAD HERE]

There’s also some more screen captures of f(x) from the Auction site. New pictures of the girls are uploaded daily to the site so we’ve decided to collect em and do these once a week. Every f(x) picture is ~ * priceless * ~

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[CAPS/DOWNLOAD] Victoria in Trax MV “(Cold Hearted Man/Let You Go)”

Just because her angelic beauty must be captured! These are HD screen caps of Victoria’s heartbreaking performance in the Trax MV that was released earlier today!

There’s also a [DOWNLOAD LINK] for the MV because every Victorian must have this monumental video saved onto their hard drive /pats hard drive 8D

Please get this lovely leadah in a drama right quick! Girl is just flawless~

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