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[FANCAM] Victoria w/ Super Junior Ryewook @ SBS Gayo

VICTORIA! HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME! FFFFF,  You know what, I’ll just pretend Ryewook is gay and you’re a fag hag! All jokes aside, this is actually a really cute candid fancam of the two! Watch it!

[FANCAM] Krystal from 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun

This is probably the shortest fancam of Krystal but you won’t regret when you watch this 7second video.  🙂

No sound but I’m sure you know what she said 🙂

[FANCAM] Amber Fancams from MBC Gayo

But you can spot Krystal bby, Luna and Leader Vic too (no Sulli unfortunately)! Krys looks uncomfortable, I must say. It must have been freezing cold. You can tell from those smokes coming out of their mouth and nose; looks worse than a chimney on fire. Okay, not really. But still! Come snuggle with us!

Oh, and Amber, that sly girl. She SO knew she was being filmed. Always looking straight to the camera till the end. Straight into your eyes. I think the lenses of my glasses are cracked from that.

Here’s the La Cha Ta fancam. Click the link below this video for the Chu fancam.

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[FANCAM] f(x) @ SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal

IT’S STILL NOT TOO LATE TO SPAZZ ON OUR GIRLS RIGHT? 8D check out this rehearsal video which will blow your mind ^^ lol @ 1:23 Vic’s cute mistake 🙂 How can you not scream when Donghae magically appears in front of you strutting so handsomely? XD No time to waste, watch it. spazz it. and let your heart speak for it XD

[PICS & FANCAM] Sulli @ SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal

Click the cut for some adorable pictures of Sulli at the rehearsals for Gayo Daejun! Everyone should also check out the fancam. Sulli and Amber had a cute moment in there and you can also see SEXY Victoria with her voluminous hair!

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