Mass Update

Hi, we’d like to apologise for not updating the blog lately. So here are some the latest things on f(x). All of these are on the forum.

  1. [VARIETY] 100419 f(Victoria) – Star King Recording about 13 hours ago
  2. [UFO] 100417 Replies from Krystal + Victoria

  3. [INFO] 100418 Krystal to guest on Sukira

  4. [VIDEO][PRE-DEBUT] Victoria Practicing her Moves

  5. HQ Pictures of Victoria Pitching are finally here πŸ˜€

  6. [UFOC] 100417 Reply from VictoriaΒ 

  7. [VIDS/DL] 100418 f(Victoria) – Doosan Bears Baseball


[PICS] f(Victoria + Sulli) for Juicy Couture

WOW! Victoria and Sulli are posing for Juicy Couture’s clothes. And…is that their dorm?! Both Victoria and Sulli looks really good in those clothes and especially in those caps.
Here’s the link to the forum’s post. Don’t forget to join! Click here

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[CAPS] 100410 Star King – Sulli

From today’s Star King! πŸ˜€ so far there’s only Sulli’s caps and she looks cute as always! 8D
Here’s the link to the forum’s post. We’ll post any updates there so make sure to register in the forum if you haven’t already guys πŸ˜›

[RADIO/FANTAKEN] 100408 – f(Krystal) Maybee’s Radio Show

New fantaken shots of Krystal at Maybee’s Radio show.
Soojung baby! Why are you hiding your gorgeous gorgeous face under that hat and hoodie? Trying to hide her new hair style for the come back maybe?

Link to post at the forum~

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[PICS] Scan of f(x) in Seoul Star Magazine Vol.34

New Released scans of f(x) in the Seoul Star Mag(Volume 34). The girls look beautiful! I love victoria’s and luna’s sunnies and damn i need to get a pair of those. After School, Zhang LiYin and other artists are also included in these scans8D

I hope you liked our Surprise for you,
Here is the posted topic in the forum, LINK

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[AUDIO/DL] Luna Sings for Cinderella’s Sister!

Here’s a sneak preview of perhaps finally a solo for our dear Luna singing for KBS2’s new drama, Cinderella’s Sister! It’s only half a minute long, but in these 36 secs you’ll be blown away by Luna’s strong, powerful yet soothing vocals =D Have a listen now! I can’t wait for the full song to be released~

Download: 4shared

And don’t forget to check out our blog tomorrow for our surprise! Hope you’ll all like it ^^

It’s coming soon!

NOW THAT WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION with these beautiful gifs πŸ˜€

I’m pleased to announce that the surprise will be revealed some time on Friday, 9th April KST (Korean Standard Time).

So please, keep checking the blog. You want to be among the first ones to see, don’t you?

Thank you forΒ  all your support and please take care of us *bows*