It’s pretty

So like…I’m supposed to give some spoiler but one of our staff made these pretty things instead…

But I’ll say, I think the surprise is quite pretty too.

What do you think about the logo? It’s an infinity symbol around a heart.


[INFO] Krystal to host on Sukira

Wooo~ Way to go my gorgeous maknae 😀 It seems like we gotta stalk our pretty gurl this Wednesday! If you’re wondering why, Krystal will be replacing Lee Teuk as he’s currently having some back problems :O Aww, Get well soon Teukie Teukie! ~
So, don’t forget to tune in later! 8D Let’s hear some cheers for DJ Krystal ❤

Oh yea, and i'm pretty much delighted to say that various SM artists will be taking over the week!
Wait no more, now get yourself prepared for this splendid excitement!!!! You better RUNNNN~ *sits back and waits* lol

It’s big and it’s awesome!

Are we all counting down till f(x)’s comeback? If not, start now! Because we are (Erlina’s so excited I think she’s finishing her whole bottle of soju now…) 🙂

You didn’t think iheartfx would do nothing special for the comeback, did you? Did ya, did ya?

We’ve prepared…something. It’s big and it’s awesome! You’ll like it, I hope. The girls will love it, I’m sure.

So look forward to it!

I’ll be posting more  until it’s revealed, so keep an eye out!

[PIC/TRANS] Luna Buys Eunhyuk a Birthday Cake

Today is Super Junior Eunhyuk’s birthday and our sweet Luna came to celebrate with her oppas! Shindong posted on his twitter account about Luna buying cake for Eunhyuk. She also wrote him a (kinda rushed) card and Shindong put up a pic of it for everyone to see! ❤

Translation: Eunhyuk oppa, Happy Birthday, from: Luna

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[PICS] Luna Celebrating Eunhyuk’s Birthday

WOW WOW, These pictures were just posted on Shindongs twitter. Luna has been seen a lot with Super Junior nowadays. This time its for SJ Eunhyuk’s Birthday.
Luna apparently bought a cake for him and also wrote a card. Aww what sweet love for Eunhyuk from his junior, Luna.

[PICS] Scans of f(x) in Thailand OK! Magazine

New Thailand OK! magazine scans of f(x). These were taken when they recently visited Thailand. Don’t they all look so amazingly cute? I love their poses! Can’t wait for these girls to comeback and get it poppin! Thanks to vivacious.jan @ fx-fanclub!
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[RADIO] Sulli @ SBS PowerFM Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet [UPDATED]

On the 30th of March, Sulli was present at Heechul’s radio show and recently official pictures were released. Isn’t she just so damn cute especially with that beanie?!?! Aww I wish we could see Jung Sisters action but instead there is HEESICA coupling 8D I really just wanna cuddle Sulli ❤

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