[UFO TRANS] 09.12.09 Replies From Victoria

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[PICS] 09.12.27 Krystal & Sulli @ MTV The M [UPDATED]

MTV The M must love JungLi cause Krystal and Sulli have been invited to host the show once again! We don’t blame em cause they’re the cutest maknae couple evarrr! Check the cut for more pics!

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[PICS] Unseen : f(x) Backstage

Don’t they look hot in black? I wonder what event this was for ? hmm…

[PICS] Sulli & Amber Sponsers GeekShop

Wondering why these outfits look familiar? You probably saw them in the Lollipop making of video! Those blue funky kicks are from Geekshop~

[PICS] 09.12.26 @ The M Concert Winter Special

Krystal and Sulli were tapped to be the MC’s for the “MTV Winter M Concert Special” along with MBLAQ’s leader Seungho. The f(x) girls braved the cold and performed at this outdoor event bundled in flashy winter gear. Krystal and Amber sported some adorable beanies ! Check the cut for the full set of pics from this event!

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Hello f(x) fans!

Welcome to iheart(fx)! We are a new blog that aims to provide the fastest and most comprehensive materials (such as news, pictures, videos, and more) on South Korea’s best newcomer group, f(x).