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[PIC] f(Amber) with Bekah of After School

Just stumbled on this adorable picture of Bekah and Amber lookin hella cute together! They should collab in the future. That would be amazingggggg. Apparently they are said to be close! Thumbs up baby!

[PICS] Amber filming Star King [UPDATED]

As always, Amber fans never fail to capture her every move. Here’s some shots of Amber filming Star King seated conveniently next to Krystal.

This will be one of Amber’s first appearances on a variety show! Are y’all excited to see her on the show? Let’s hope she gets as much screen time and interaction as Victoria on the last episode. CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT!

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[PICS] Amber Stalker Pics in Nanjing [UPDATED]

OOHH more pics of Amber in China. Doesn’t she look suave in that fedora hat? A big thank you to their fans in China for these pics. We just love any pics we can get of them. Hopefully, there will be more!

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[PICS] New Amber Fanpics from the KFN TV Performance

These are the Amber fanpics we’ve been waiting for!! (Well I have..) Amber’s outfit is really boyish here but in some photos she actualy looks quite girly to me.. ><" Amber yah~

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[PICS] Amber Fanpics from KFN TV National Armed Forces Show

Amber! Amber’s fans never fail. They always provide us with good solo pics of Amber. I must say she looks cool in green (although her outfit could be better, ahem stylists). But it is Amber so she looks good in everything!

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[PICS] Amber with Fans at SNSD Encore Concert Backstage

OMG Amber looks soo hot here! With that hat and she looks so happy with the fans ^^ Damn lucky fans, I wanna take a photo with Amber too!! And I also hope Amber/f(x) will perform in more of SNSD’s Encore Concerts overseas!!

[DOWNLOAD] f(x) for K-Swiss Love Individual Videos!

Who else just squealed at all those tricks that our girls could do in those solo videos from K-Swiss, filmed during a photoshoot? I was like OO” at Amber’s and Victoria’s tricks!! Seriously! How can Amber aim that well… And Krystal has magical powers OO” LMAO Sulli and Luna are just cute as!! WHY AREN’T THESE GIRLS ON VARIETY SHOWS YET?! Well there’s Star King… but it’s been too long T___T

So anyways, who wants to download the original videos? Put your hands up! Coz here they are! Enjoy!! =)

Please fully credit to iheartfx@wordpress if taking!

f(x) for K-Swiss Individual Videos