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[PICS] New Auction Pics

New auction pics! It has been a while since we have seen new auction pictures. I’m glad they’re back with new ones.

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[VIDEO] f(x) Dances for Sinsangppomchum Auction [UPDATED]

Uh Oh, the f(x) girls are getting their groove on!~ Here we have a collection of Sinsangppomchum Auction CF’s  freshly uploaded to our Youtube Channel.

Each f(x) girl is seen doing a repetitive dance step to rock at the club. I gotta say, personally, I liked Sulli’s dance move the best. Girl got swag, brushin’ that dirt off her shoulder and poppin’ that collar, know what I’m swaying?

Check out each CF and let us know which version is your favorite?

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[PICS] New Auction Pictures

Its been awhile since auction pics were released! and OMG heres moreee! Do you think there will be more coming out any time soon? Just wait for their comeback 8D

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[PICS] New Unseen Auction Pictures

Looks like we have another round of newly released Auction pictures. As we can see, the girls are modeling for different themes this time. We have Krystal modeling for the underwear event like Amber previously and Luna is rocking the rocker style. Also, now that we are heading into Spring time the girls are advertising Spring style clothing. And for all you Amber fans, a little late but Happy Valentines Day 😉
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[PICS] f(x) for Auction

more f(x) auction pictures from the website. It’s a bit Victoria biased, which makes me very happy! Vic is an angel~ *0*  Oh and JUNGLI is excited about some “Under wear Event” LOL and theres also some SMEXY smilin KryToria 8D Check the cut ~

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[PICS] New Photoshoot Pics of f(x) for Auction [UPDATED]

New pictures of the f(x) girls modeling for Auction were just released. The girls look so cute. I’d buy anything from them if they happen to knock on my door selling stuff. =D

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[PICS/CAPS] f(x) for Valentine’s Day at Auction!

OMGGG Valentines’ Day is sooo close. I hope they have an amazing Valentine’s Day… with each other? lmao xD

And I hope they like chocolate (since they eat so much keke so cute) coz I’m gonna make some home-made chocolate for them!! =D And let’s just hope the chocolate doesn’t go off on the way to Korea… T__T f(x) please come  here!!!

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