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[PICS] New Luna Fanpics From Thailand!

I must admit that Luna fanpics are rare compared to the amount of Sulli, Krystal and Amber fanpics! But yay for Thai fans, love for ALL of the girls =D Here we have some beautiful shots of our Luna while touring Thailand. She looks like royalty, no? =D

Thanks to Banabi for sharing!

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[PICS] Some more Fanpics from the 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun!

These are 3months late.. haha but worth the wait! Only 3 pics here but the girls look totally gorgeous! Especially that Sulli pic ><

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[PICS] New Fanpics from PD Awards! [UPDATED!]

Wow, these Victorian fanpics are amazing!! And rare!! Victoria looks amazing here as always, but is it just me or does she seem to be a bit slimmer? =/ I hope they girls aren’t working too hard and are eating heaps!

We’re always flooded with Krystal, Sulli and Amber fanpics (not that I don’t like it) but there should be love for all~~

UPDATED! With some more Victoria, some Krystal and one Luna! Enjoy!

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[PICS] New Sulli Fanpics from Today’s Inkigayo! [UPDATED]

Who else streamed Inkigayo live today? I did ^^ I really like Sulli’s dress/long shirt here! And her hairstyle reminds me of the La chA TA days! Oh how I miss La chA TA now =(

UPDATED! Anyone jealous of Wooyoung?

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[PICS] New Fanpics from KCC Basketball Star Game

Wow these are honestly very late xD A batch of HQ and close-ups of the girls! Rofl at Luna and Victoria’s hair flying all over the place! And Krystal’s hair looks super permed here OO” Hehe I miss the girls! =( I demand the new album now! And a new wardrobe please

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[PICS] New Fanpics from 7th Max Movie Ceremony~

A new batch of fanpics from the 7th Max Movie Ceremony has just been released! Not very HQ but at least it’s many many many close ups of the girls! And no bias too! =D Hehe LOVE FOR ALL! ❤ Enjoy! =)

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[PICS] Amber at KCC Basketball Star Game!

Wow these are heaps late OO” But it’s better late than never right? I bet you this fan is like me, WE ALL LOVE AMBER IN RED! Hehe reminds me of the Lunar New Year /giggles

Amber looks super good here and I’m loving her jeans/pants/whatever it is! And that cute expression >3<

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