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[PICS] Krystal Fanpics from the KFN TV NAFS!

Holy moly, these are quite late! But Krystal looks really good here with her straight hair and her long arms >< And wow colorful stage =O

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[PICS] New Fanpics of Sulli from The M Concert 09/12/26

Wow another batch of photos coming along! But no it’s not of the girls in Thailand =P These are from the MTV the M Concert back near Christmas time where Sulli and Krystal were MC-ing for this show along with MBLAQ’s leader, Seung Ho! Sulli looks heaps cute with that pout omg ><

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[PICS] Sulli Fanpics from 03/21 Inkigayo!

Sulli looks heaps pretty here with her shiny, wavy hair and that floral dress >< And her eyes so prettyyy

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[PICS] New Fanpics of f(x) and Zhang Li Yin Fanmeeting!

HEAPS of pics! x_____X”” BUT OMG ❤ The girls look really good and I guess I was wrong before, they performed La chA TA as well as Chu~ ❤ Stay tuned for more updates!! Thanks to FAHYE, JOKYUHYUN, DORIM and [YS] for sharing these!!

Warning: Image HEAVYYYYYY (So far there's 78 pics in here… x_X)

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[PICS] New Fanpics from the Pattaya Music Festival News Conference!

Even more fanpics from the first media conference for the Pattaya International Musical Festival! f(x) have already performed but don’t relax, coz there’s still heaps more updates to come =D

Thanks to for sharing!

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[PICS] Fancams of f(x) with Channel V! [UPDATED]

More fantaken shots of f(x) in Thailand. This time they’re being interviews by Channel V and you can see them laughing and having heaps of fun ^^ All of them look so pretty >3< Their performance is today so I hope the girls get to perform lots! (ie. La chA TA, Chu~ and Chocolate Love!) Thanks to vitamino, Fahye, and munyun for sharing these!

Warning: Image HEAVY! =D UPDATED 20 more pics =O

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[PICS] Fancams of f(x) at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand! [UPDATED!]

You can totally see Amber’s killer heels here and Luna looks so pretty ^^ I love how she’s always in a good mood and is smiling heaps whenever she sees the fans ^^ I wonder what the interview is about coz I wanna knowwww >< BTW KryBer spotted again =D

Thanks to wifekim and f(x) Fanclub for sharing! UPDATED! So much KryBer @___@

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