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[Caps+Fancam]f(x) Greeting Fans [HQ]@2010.02.05 in Qing Dao,China (Updated)

Finally i got a HQ Version! so I made some Caps (size 1280×720) of this Video, hope u like it ^^
By the way,i like Vic´s voice when she speak in Chinese, and i saw the Jungli fixing hair moment ,keke…

Translation for this Part by alice2fx ^^
“Hello everyone (Annyeonghaseyo) everyone~ We’re f(x)!
Self introductions – note. Sulli says the Chinese pronunciation for her name 雪莉 (xue li)
Luna says Da Jia Hao at the end which is just annyeonghaseyo
Victoria says they’re really excited to be in Qing Dao, wishes everyone a happy new year, good health, happiness etc. and saying they’ll be performing “Lollipop” next and thankyou~”.

fx amber Focus first lollipop live HQ Ver.Fancam@100205 in China (4:3)

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