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[RADIO/FANTAKEN] 100420 f(Krystal) – Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio

Krystal is seen once again hiding her hair at Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio Show. Korean netizens have said that her new hair color is a “graduation” or gradient like. We’ve all seen the pictures of Krystal’s blond tips. Let’s wait to see as more of her hair style is revealed in future appearances. I am excited as it seems like its a drastic change 8D

For even more pictures of Krystal at this event, sign up at the forum.

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[RADIO/FANTAKEN] 100408 – f(Krystal) Maybee’s Radio Show

New fantaken shots of Krystal at Maybee’s Radio show.
Soojung baby! Why are you hiding your gorgeous gorgeous face under that hat and hoodie? Trying to hide her new hair style for the come back maybe?

Link to post at the forum~

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[PIC] f(Krystal) for Clean & Clear

New picture of Krystal and Seohyun for Clean & Clear! Krystal’s skin is so flawless and glows like the sun! They look so fresh and so clean ~ Both are wearing matching outfits, yellow and white! The theme is ~ SUN SHINE GIRL~

[PICS] Krystal Fanpics from the KFN TV NAFS!

Holy moly, these are quite late! But Krystal looks really good here with her straight hair and her long arms >< And wow colorful stage =O

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[PICS] More Pics of Krystal for Blood Donation!

Like I said before, donating blood is a really good cause! Not only can you help save up to 3 lives, but also you could be the person that would be standing next to Krystal as a blood donor! How good would that feel aye? xD (No I’m just joking, but really donating blood is the new cool =D (No I’m joking again)) Krystal looks so good here with Leeteuk and her long arms ><

[PICS] Krystal in school uniform

Krystal has been wishing that she will be able to wear school uniform. Her wish finally come true since we’ve already seen videos and photos of her wearing uniform. Add these new photos too : ) I’m not really sure if these pictures are for Alex’s Sweet Dream Melody Project since the school uniform that she’s wearing is different from the one in the music video. Or probably from a graduation ceremony. We’ll know in the future : )

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[PIC/NEWS/VID] Krystal is the new record holder

In the recent episode of Dream Team, Krystal showed her athletic skills by breaking the record in the high jump competition. According to Newsen it’s 180cm but according to Star Mt, it’s 185cm. But based on the actual show, it’s 180 cm. She’s the record holder beating the 160cm of Kim Hee-sun and Lee Na-young and 140cm of her sister, SNSD Jessica.

She also managed to have the number one spot in Naver.

Krystal made me wow with her high jump. Kudos to SHINee Minho too. It’s really awesome to see them do high jump together and managed to have a very good jump.

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