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[AUDIO/DL] Luna Sings for Cinderella’s Sister!

Here’s a sneak preview of perhaps finally a solo for our dear Luna singing for KBS2’s new drama, Cinderella’s Sister! It’s only half a minute long, but in these 36 secs you’ll be blown away by Luna’s strong, powerful yet soothing vocals =D Have a listen now! I can’t wait for the full song to be released~

Download: 4shared

And don’t forget to check out our blog tomorrow for our surprise! Hope you’ll all like it ^^

[PIC/TRANS] Luna Buys Eunhyuk a Birthday Cake

Today is Super Junior Eunhyuk’s birthday and our sweet Luna came to celebrate with her oppas! Shindong posted on his twitter account about Luna buying cake for Eunhyuk. She also wrote him a (kinda rushed) card and Shindong put up a pic of it for everyone to see! ❤

Translation: Eunhyuk oppa, Happy Birthday, from: Luna

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[PICS] Luna Celebrating Eunhyuk’s Birthday

WOW WOW, These pictures were just posted on Shindongs twitter. Luna has been seen a lot with Super Junior nowadays. This time its for SJ Eunhyuk’s Birthday.
Luna apparently bought a cake for him and also wrote a card. Aww what sweet love for Eunhyuk from his junior, Luna.

[PICS] New Luna Fanpics From Thailand!

I must admit that Luna fanpics are rare compared to the amount of Sulli, Krystal and Amber fanpics! But yay for Thai fans, love for ALL of the girls =D Here we have some beautiful shots of our Luna while touring Thailand. She looks like royalty, no? =D

Thanks to Banabi for sharing!

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[PICS] Luna pictured at School [UPDATED!]

These are pictures of our adorably gorgeous Luna at her school. Doesn’t she look FABULOUS in her school uniform? I’m still lovin her new brown hair color!

Seoul Leela Art High School recently posted a set of photos on its homepage with a note stating “Power idol f(x) Luna (real name: Park SeonYeong 2nd year Practical music course) passed our school’s practical examinations with great results before her broadcast debut.”

Updated! With one more photo! Luna looks really happy here ^^

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[PICS] Fanpics of Victoria, Luna, and Krystal on Star King [UPDATED]

f(x)’s fans are jjang since they managed to secretly captured pictures of our lovely girls at the Star King recording. They look like they are having a great time. Can’t wait for this episode to air. Stay tuned for more pics to be released…

UPDATED! More pics of all the girls

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[PIC] New Luna Sponsored

Luna is looking so beautiful here! I love her new brown hair color, that hair style and that smexy come hither look! She rocks that outfit too! Girl is just too gorgeous~