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[PIC] f(x) with Fans in Midem [UPDATED]

This picture is from two months ago when they performed at France. Those fans are SOOO LUCKY! I’m glad they are receiving so much love from everyone. These girls are going to take over the world! I really like this picture too because everyone looks great!

UPDATED with 4 more pics. Thanks to AznLia @ bonjour hanguk!

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[PICS] f(x) with SBS Reporters in France

OMGAH The girls look so cute ❤ If being a TV reporters means I get to meet f(x), well then I’m transferring my uni course!! Those lucky reporters

I’m still really sad I missed out on them performing Chu~ and Chocolate Love in English at MIDEM =( Does anyone know if the show will be broadcasted on TV? =(

[VIDEO] SBS Interviews f(x), English version of Chu~♡ ?!?!

SBS interviewed f(x) and Epik High at the 2010 MIDEM at Cannes France, and throughout this video we get a sneakpeek of the hot performances that took place at the event.

At around 0:19 we get to see  f(x) performing Chu~♡, BUT it sounds like Luna is singing in English! Is this an English version of Chu~♡ that SM plans to release for international fans?! If so then I’m hella excited! Not only can I FINALLY sing along to Chu~♡ but this also means more exposure for the girls internationally-wise!

Check it out below!

[PICS] f(x) Performs at MIDEM France

More pictures of f(x) at MIDEM are finally popping up! There’s also a picture of  f(x)’s French fans as well as a picture of the crowd! I bet f(x) were happy to see those signs in the audience! Thanks for going and showing the f(x) girls your support! Stay tuned at iheartfx for more~

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Apparently, the MIDEM showcase included our girls performing LA chA TA, Chocolate Love, Luna’s solo “And I’m Telling you”, dance performance of Jump off & Freeze and Chu~ Damn, that’s quite a long set list and I can’t help but be jealous of anyone that got to attend the event.

Lets hope more fancams will pop up soon! As for now, don’t forget to check out f(x)’s performance of LA chA TA at MIDEM

Thanks to laisue @ soompi, we’ve finally got some pictures from the event!

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[VIDEO] Fancam of f(x) at MIDEM

Thanks to missizsolis we can watch our girls perform in front of American and European music professionals in France for the MIDEM event! f(x) were selected to represent KPOP at this event and they performed the LA chA TA intro and LA chA TA decked out in brand new outfits.

It’s interesting that members of the audience knew the song as well as the fan chant and sang along loudly! Wow, it’s just amazing to hear that f(x) got fans in France! f(x) are going to take over the WORLD I tell ya! This is just another monumental step ~

The beginning of the first cam is worth watching as the host gives a wonderful introduction about our girls to the audience!

f(x) perform LA chA TA

[PICS] f(x) in France / MIDEM

Pictures have just arrived of the girls in France! f(x) are currently in France for MIDEM! Wow they’re getting luxury accommodation, the water is just so unbelievably nice and blue. Damn, I wonder where our Sulli was? and who was the lucky person that got to take f(x)’s photo!?

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