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[PICS/FANCAM] Amber Fancams from Qing Dao CNY Event!

OMG Ok these aren’t really HQ, but at least they’re super close (or super zoomed in) and we get to see Amber’s face <333 /fangirls even more

At first I wasn’t really digging that shiny gold jacket.. but after looking at these photos I’m starting to gain more confidence in their stylist lmao xD seriously it makes her look like she’s the KING of the group (so Victoria can be the Queen with that purple blue (yes I’m sort of color-blind) jacket) and then Luna, Sulli and Krystal are all their kids =D hehe

Click under the cut for heaps more!

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[PICS] f(x) in Qingdao China for Lunar New Year Show

The girls flew to China  on the February 4th and performed in Victoria’s home town for the second time on February the 5th! Yay for Victoria! Her hometown must be very proud of her (just check out those expensive gifts her chinese fans have given her!)

Nice to see the girls rockin some new clothes. I’ve never seen those flashy tops that Vic, Amber and Luna are wearing. f(x) performed LOLLIPOP for the first time live! Can not wait to watch the broadcast for it!

By the way, this was the event that Sulli missed her middle school graduation ceremony for. Congrats to Sulli on her graduation!

The Chinese New Year Special Program will be broad casted live on the Qing Dao Channel at 8PM (China time) on Chinese New Years Eve (13th February).

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