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[PICS]Qingdao China Lunar New Year Event

Do any of these pictures remind you of any past events? IF NOT! It’s the Lunar New Year Event in Qingdao, China (Victoria’s hometown <3). They performed Chu~♡ and Lollipop for the first time on February 5. Here some pictures taken from this event! Don't they look stunning?!

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[PICS] f(x) spotted at Qingdao Hotel [UPDATED]

Some really lucky chinese fans got to meet the f(x) girls at their hotel during their stay in Qingdao. Luna, Krystal and Sulli were spotted observing some hotel map plans. Victoria stopped to sign for fans. God damn am I effing jealous! Look at how close they are to her!

By the way, I’ll never get over Vic’s elegant sig.. it’s so pretty! ❤

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[PICS/FANCAM] f(x) performs Lollipop @ Qingdao China Lunar New Year Event

Click the cut for some solo shots of Krystal and a whole bunch of group shots of the girls at the Qingdao China Lunar New Year event. The girls performed Lollipop for the first time at this event (without MIC) as well as Chu!

Check out the Lollipop fan cam! I absolutely LOVE the dance and the girl’s vocals. Unfortunately, its a terribly low quality cam. Let’s hope an HQ fan cam will pop up soon! Look forward to broadcast on February the 13th!

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