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[PICS] Sulli Fanpics from 03/21 Inkigayo!

Sulli looks heaps pretty here with her shiny, wavy hair and that floral dress >< And her eyes so prettyyy

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[PICS] New Sulli Fanpics from Today’s Inkigayo! [UPDATED]

Who else streamed Inkigayo live today? I did ^^ I really like Sulli’s dress/long shirt here! And her hairstyle reminds me of the La chA TA days! Oh how I miss La chA TA now =(

UPDATED! Anyone jealous of Wooyoung?

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[PICS+FANCAM]110210 Sulli’ @ SBS Inkigayo Filming

Taken by fans at the filming of SBS’s Inkigayo on 11 February and will be aired today, Valentines Day and Lunar New Year (reminds me of luna =D). All three MCs look so handsome… well the boys do and Sulli looks happy showing smiles everywhere! Looks like their wearing pretty formal dressing O.O, i can’t wait for it to be aired as its Sulli’s 2nd time as MC on Inkigayo. Enjoy this fancam of the filming too 8D

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[CAPS] 100207 Sulli – ‘Crash’ Performance in Inkigayo

I really love Sulli’s outfit and hairstyle plus the cute boots.  >^,^< The performance was cuteness overload.  Sulli was smiling the whole time which really gives a very bright mood to the performance.

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[CAPS] 100207 Sulli as MC in SBS Inkigayo

Sulli is really so gorgeous with her pretty outfit and lovely hairstyle for today’s Inkigayo.  This will be the biggest reason why f(x) fans should tune in to Inkigayo every Sunday. So jealous of 2PM members Taekyeon and Wooyoung who will be with Sulli for the whole show every week!

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[VID] Sulli’s Special Dance Stage on SBS’s Inkigayo~

OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Today was Sulli’s first day as an MC at SBS’s Inkigayo! As it was her first day, she performed a special dance stage, dancing to hit songs including SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) and Oh!, T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep, our very own La chA TA and Chu~, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, BEG’s Abracadabra, SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong, Kara’s Mister and 2PM’s Again and Again! There were only a few, short seconds of each song but they were definitely all enjoyable! That super cute Sulli ^^ just smiling throughout the whole performance!! =D What would’ve been even better was if f(x) were there performing with Sulli! Maybe next time~

[VIDEO/CAPS/GIFS] f(T-Ara) @ SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award

Yayy~! Congratulations to T-ara for taking home bo peep ing the mutizen award this week ^^Hihi you can see how sweet our girls are, they’re always being very supportive towards others. They obviously see T-ara as their adorable cuteness~!! rookie buddies! 😀 Both of them look absolutely happy celebrating the moment together ^^ I’m sure you guys are with me when I say……f(T-ara) FTW!

You don’t believe me? Doubts? NON-SENSE! How rude! But do not fear, iheartfx never lies. Check out Luna and Amber give Ji Yeon a hug and  Sulli give Boram a hug. Theres also some JungLi!

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