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[PICS] f(Victoria + Sulli) for Juicy Couture

WOW! Victoria and Sulli are posing for Juicy Couture’s clothes. And…is that their dorm?! Both Victoria and Sulli looks really good in those clothes and especially in those caps.
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[CAPS] 100410 Star King – Sulli

From today’s Star King! 😀 so far there’s only Sulli’s caps and she looks cute as always! 8D
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[RADIO] Sulli @ SBS PowerFM Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet [UPDATED]

On the 30th of March, Sulli was present at Heechul’s radio show and recently official pictures were released. Isn’t she just so damn cute especially with that beanie?!?! Aww I wish we could see Jung Sisters action but instead there is HEESICA coupling 8D I really just wanna cuddle Sulli ❤

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Happy 16th Birthday Sulli!

First of all,

It’s your 16th (17th in Korea) birthday and we as iheartf(x) would like to wish you a happy happy birthday! May your beautiful smile never leave you and that you’ll never be mistaken as the maknae again!

Here’s a little present that we’d like to present to you drawn by our lovely cerlina! We hope you have an awesome year ahead of you and f(x) and we’ll be patiently waiting for your comeback!

Sulli hwaiting! f(x) hwaiting!

By: cerlina@iheartfx.wordpress
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[NEWS/PICS] Fans wish Sulli a Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is our cute (not maknae) Sulli’s 17th birthday, and to celebrate this happy, happy day, fans in Korea have made a newspaper advertisement which will be published tomorrow on the Hankyoreh newspaper! We’d also like to wish Sulli a very happy 16th (17th in Korea) birthday and hope she has fun in her surprise birthday party later today!

[NEWS/INFO] Sulli to have a Surprise Birthday Party!

As we all know, our cute Sulli will be having her 16th birthday (17th in Korean age) on the 29th of March, which is in 2 days!!! And like for Victoria’s birthday last month, SM will be holding a surprise birthday party for Sulli tomorrow!

Who: f(x) and 90 lucky Korean fans (therefore not including me ><)
What: Sulli’s Surprise Birthday Party
When: 10PM, 28th March 2010
Where: SM Headquarters (Apgujeong, Seoul)

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[NEWS] Sulli to Guest on HeeChul’s Radio Show!

Our very own Sulli will be appearing as a guest on Super Junior’s HeeChul’s new radio show: “HeeChul’s Young Street” on Tuesday, the 30th of March! HeeChul’s radio show airs on 107.7MHz Power FM from 8-10PM KST so everyone remember to tune in on Tuesday! Other guests include Super Junior’s DongHae, SNSD’s Jessica and gagman, Wang BiHo =D