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[PICS] f(Victoria + Sulli) for Juicy Couture

WOW! Victoria and Sulli are posing for Juicy Couture’s clothes. And…is that their dorm?! Both Victoria and Sulli looks really good in those clothes and especially in those caps.
Here’s the link to the forum’s post. Don’t forget to join! Click here

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[PICS] New Fanpics of Victoria at the World News Baseball Tournament!

Victoria just looks too adorable here!! OMG I love how she either has this big Chesire Cat smile on her face or it’s this sneaky “You can’t see me I can’t see you” smile =D And that photo of her laughing <333 OMG Victoriaaaaaaaaaaa

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[PICS] New Photo of Victoria with Fans at the World News Baseball Tournament

Victoria look so cute here >< I wish I could have that baseball =(

[PICS] Fanpics of Victoria, Luna, and Krystal on Star King [UPDATED]

f(x)’s fans are jjang since they managed to secretly captured pictures of our lovely girls at the Star King recording. They look like they are having a great time. Can’t wait for this episode to air. Stay tuned for more pics to be released…

UPDATED! More pics of all the girls

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[PICS] Victoria does the Opening Pitch for World News! [UPDATED!]

Victoria’s looking great today as she does the opening pitch for the 1st annual World News Baseball Tournament. It’s great to see her having fun, doing splits while pitching (LOL) and wow-ing the audience there! I don’t really like the jacket there.. but at least it’s better than that thing dress she wore for the KFN TV NAFS show! And I’m glad her little slip-up didn’t affect her! She’s jjang =D

Will be continuously updating! Stay tuned for more pics to be released soon~ (hopefully..)

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[PICS] New Pic of Victoria at Lasik Center [UPDATED]

Another photo of our Victoria visiting the hospital for the Lasik surgery! Doesn’t her back view look beautiful?

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[DOWNLOAD] f(x) for K-Swiss Love Individual Videos!

Who else just squealed at all those tricks that our girls could do in those solo videos from K-Swiss, filmed during a photoshoot? I was like OO” at Amber’s and Victoria’s tricks!! Seriously! How can Amber aim that well… And Krystal has magical powers OO” LMAO Sulli and Luna are just cute as!! WHY AREN’T THESE GIRLS ON VARIETY SHOWS YET?! Well there’s Star King… but it’s been too long T___T

So anyways, who wants to download the original videos? Put your hands up! Coz here they are! Enjoy!! =)

Please fully credit to iheartfx@wordpress if taking!

f(x) for K-Swiss Individual Videos