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[PICS/TRANS] Victorias Surprise Birthday Party

Vic left a message and some pictures at the official SM f(x) website! AWWW! Look at the girls celebrating Victoria’s birthday! Here’s a translation !

Please credit translation to alice2fx@iheartfx if taking. Thankyou ^^

Hello everyone~ I’m f(x) ‘s leader, Victoria. ^^
Time passes by really quickly.. Can the time become the time in China? keke (Because time in China is 1 hour behind Korea’s time, so Victoria thinks the day will last longer like this)
Give me more time please~

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This is my post in dedication to Victoria ❤

Victoria was the reason why I became interested in f(x). I am sure everyone remembers that powerfully mysterious teaser that was released on August the 23rd. Was Vic not THE DEFINITION OF HBIC (HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE) THERE OR WHAT? She was like the bad ass leader of a group of bad ass girls. When I saw Victoria do the tumble . her swish down the middle and that seductive smirk, I was like HOLY EFF, OMG, I LOVE THIS GIRL!!

Vic’s personality was different from what I thought it would turn out to be. I expected this girl to be fierce, feisty and baddass all the time. She turned out to be nervous, cute and hella dorky.

When I say her debut performance at music core, I fell in love with her even more due to her nervousness. You could tell that Victoria was the type that placed high exceptions on herself. Her anxiety for her first performance and first radio show was incredibly endearing to me.Those killer abs, that back leg stretch and those amazing hip sways didn’t help much either.

On their first radio show she left the show with a frown despite doing her wonderfully cute but kind of awkward Pororo aegyo. =P She dismissed herself and said she was not feeling pretty. This by the way, coming from a gorgeous girl who’s been featured in Vogue, numerous CF’s and MV’s.

I love how Victoria stumbles and mumbles whenever she talks in Korean. Sulli is always looking at Victoria encouragingly, like “Girl, I know you can do it”. (These two are roommates BTW! You know they be having late night chit chats) I adore her for staring at her paper during radio shows ( out of fright that she might be called on and that she THINKS she might mess up somehow).

I love that she is full of spirit during interviews these days. She may not say much (unless shes called on) but you can feel her energy on the sidelines. I like that she makes an effort to be funny even though no one laughs with her. Its okay, because that’s why I love her even more 8D I love the way she covers her mouth and bends over whenever she laughs, LOL, SUCH A DORK ❤ I love her passion for dancing! Girl has some of the fliest moves in KPOP. I love that her first friend in Korea was a cartoon character, Pororo. LOL HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?


I enjoy watching her improve daily. Whether it be her stage presence (throwing winks at the camera) or how she is more inclined to speak these days, even when she’s not called on! Victoria has grown more accustomed to the camera hehehe =D

Lets also not forget that she is a chinese girl leading a  korean girl group. That is an enormous amount of pressure placed on her. It’s also a first in KPOP. Vic is breaking the mold yo~

I will never forgot this one fancam in which Victoria rushed frantically back and forth from the girls and to the producer with such anxiety &  confusion because she needed to take care of both at the same time. It was sooooooooo wonderfully cute and funny.

Also, who can forget this wonderful vid of Vic all excited “FX IMNIDA!!” There’s a pause as Vic looks at Krystal & Luna like “WHY AREN’T GUYS SAYING IT TOO” but EVERYONE starts laughing at Vic instead! Look at the way Vic collapses and laughs at herself, that dork ❤

Victoria, despite her beauty and all her talents remains such a wonderfully dorky down to earth girl. She is my beautiful royal cute and lovable dancing Queen that I treasure and spazz like crazy for. /CHEESSEEEEE

To my precious Pororia Victoria, (You probably won’t read this so I’ll keep it short) I know you requested for some free time for your birthday SO I am kidnapping you 8D JKJK, I can’t give you free time away from your managers. I wish! I ALSO wish that I could help you obtain all your hopes and dreams because you truly deserve it! I can’t help there either…

All I can do is watch and support you on the sidelines and hope f(x) becomes the INTERNATIONAL POP DANCE GROUP that you are all destined to be.

Thank you for all the precious memories and the joy you have given me. You are my # 1 idol and my favorite star in the whole wide word. You light up the screen with your beauty and your wonderful personality. You have so much talent and I will always support you as long as you keep going!

Keep leading the girls towards success. Stay strong and stay healthy! AND I hope the girls don’t try to make you cry on your 24th (23rd) Birthday like they did last year. =D Enjoy your surprise birthday party!
生日快乐, 我会永远支持你, 我爱你! 加油
Proud to be a Victorian!
– Victoria (vickysmalls)

Happy Birthday Victoria!! 生日快乐 茜茜!!

Victoria, Pororia, 茜茜~ 祝你23岁生日快乐! 생일 축하합니다!

希望你每年比每年开心, 漂亮! (不过你已经很美了, 所以如果你要再美的话那么连神仙都会嫉妒喔!). 虽然f(x) 出道的日子还不算太长, 可是我已经决定要跟你们一起度过未来的很~~~~~ 长段时间 (20年不算太长吧?) 所以你和f(x)都要多多加油!

看见你每次Chu~♡ 的表演的时候那么卖力, 脸都会红红的, 脸边还会流着汗! 我看见都心痛啦! 我相信很多你的粉丝也是这样想. 不过我们知道这只是“宋茜精神”而已! 不过你也不能太~ 过卖力啦.. 这样会熬出病来的… 如果你生病的话我可能会到韩国那边哦! 在这一年要好好照顾好身体~

我们会永远支持你的!! 千万别熬坏身体喔!