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[GIFS]First TV Show of f(x)@ KJE ´ Chocolate on SBS

28 Gifs Collection for the first TV show of f(x) girls ^^, and they all did great job!

Vic showed the flexibility of her body and proved her talent as a professional dancer! wow!
What a amazing acrobatic skill gymnastic performance ^^

This great beginning means a better future, i hope f(x) can appear in some variety TV Shows soon, and Most importantly, SM Ent. is willing to give a HIT Song with a great concept for f(x) girls !!! never chu plz

f(x), Hwaiting! I can’t wait for your comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more TV shows ^o^ Love and support U!

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[GIFS] Victoria´s acting potential

Hee & Vic’s acting were so great that i felt like I was the one who was experiencing the heartbreaking.

The song had such an emotional feeling to it and their tears were so heart wrenching.

This MV brings out the hidden acting potential of Victoria.  She did a really a great job!

hope Vic can get more chances in acting! Hwaiting!

cant wait for their Performance in MIDEM, fx Hwaiting!

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[GIFS] BTS Elle Korea Photoshoot

Just yesterday the Caps for the BTS Elle Korea Photoshoot were released and now we give you a collection of gifs!

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[CAPS/GIFS] 100118 f(x) KBS Interview

The girls look absolutely gorgeous in this interview! Sulli is so beautiful with her hair down! Victoria noona is so pretty! Krystal is stunning as always! Luna neumo yeppeo and Amber is so cute! f(x) has got to be one of the most beautiful groups in KPOP! The Subbed KBS interview will be up very very soon! Stay tuned!

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[CAPS/GIFS] Amber for Upcoming Interview

Some gifs from an upcoming interview that we’re working on obtaining! Enjoy Amber’s hotness for now!

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[CAPS/GIFS] Sulli for Unknown Photoshoot [UPDATED]

Sulli looks absolutely gorgeous and like an angel in this photoshoot! She just gives off this pure and sweet-natured aura! Don’t Sulli look great with her hair down? Check the cut for more! You know you want to ~

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[PICS] Unseen Photos of LUNA

Unseen photos of Luna. She has such a beautiful and powerful voice!  Sometimes she reminds me of BOA! Luna, Hwaiting! f(x), Hwaiting!

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